Ecosystems where Salmo salar occurs
n = 78
Ecosystem Type Status Ref.
Atlantic Complex River (basin) native 81264
Atlantic Ocean Sea/Bay/Gulf native 5723
Australian Zoogeographic realm introduced 6390
Balearic Islands Sea/Bay/Gulf native 95727
Baltic Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf native 36252
Barents Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf native 117998
Barents Sea Islands basins River (basin) native 59043
Barents Sea river drainages and lakes River (basin) native 59043
Bay of Biscay river drainages and lakes River (basin) native 59043
Beaufort Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf native 5723
British islands basins River (basin) native 59043
Canadian Eastern Arctic - West Greenland Sea/Bay/Gulf native 35388
Celtic-Biscay Shelf Sea/Bay/Gulf native 35388
Central Arctic Sea/Bay/Gulf native 5723
Danish islands basins River (basin) native 59043
Denmark river drainages and lakes River (basin) native 59043
Dordogne River (basin) native 51442
Douro River (basin) extirpated 59043
Dwina River (basin) native 59043
East Bering Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf native 96339
East Central Australian Shelf Sea/Bay/Gulf introduced 6390
Elbe River River (basin) extirpated 54732
Faroe islands basins River (basin) native 59043
Faroe Plateau Sea/Bay/Gulf native 35388
Garonne River (basin) native 51442
German Bight Sea/Bay/Gulf native
Gotland basins River (basin) native 59043
Great Lakes Lake introduced 50315
Greenland Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf native 35388
Guadiana River (basin) extirpated 59043
Gulf of Alaska Sea/Bay/Gulf native 95143
Gulf of Maine Sea/Bay/Gulf native 37512
Humboldt Current Sea/Bay/Gulf introduced 1739
Iberian Coastal Sea/Bay/Gulf native 37032
Iceland river drainages and lakes River (basin) native 59043
Iceland Shelf and Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf native 35388
Ireland river drainages and lakes River (basin) native 59043
Irish Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf native 4779
Johnstone Strait Sea/Bay/Gulf native 95143
Juan de Fuca Strait Sea/Bay/Gulf not established 11980
Kara River River (basin) native 59043
Kara Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf native 124011
Labrador - Newfoundland Sea/Bay/Gulf native 35388
Ladoga Lake Lake native 59043
Lake Ontario Lake extirpated 86798
Loire River (basin) native 2196
Mediterranean Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf native 27118
Nearctic Zoogeographic realm native 9925
Neman (Niamunas) River River (basin) native 59043
Neotropical Zoogeographic realm introduced 5723
New Zealand Shelf Sea/Bay/Gulf introduced 1739
North Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf native 173
Northeast U.S. Continental Shelf Sea/Bay/Gulf native 35388
Northern Atlanto-Baltic river drainages and lakes River (basin) native 59043
Norwegian Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf native 173
Oder River (basin) native 59043
Onega Lake Lake native 59043
Onega River River (basin) native 59043
Pacific Ocean Sea/Bay/Gulf introduced 1739
Palearctic Zoogeographic realm native 5723
Patagonian Shelf Sea/Bay/Gulf introduced 1739
Pechora River (basin) native 59043
Puget Sound Sea/Bay/Gulf not established 11980
Rhine River (basin) native 2196
Salish Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf not established 11980
Scotian Shelf Sea/Bay/Gulf native 35388
Seine River (basin) native 59043
Shetland islands basins River (basin) native 59043
Southern Baltic Coastal river drainages and lakes River (basin) native 59043
Southwest Chilean Waters Sea/Bay/Gulf introduced 1739
St. Lawrence Complex River (basin) native 81264
Strait of Georgia Sea/Bay/Gulf not established 11980
Tagus River (basin) extirpated 59043
Vistula River (basin) native 59043
Weser River (basin) native 59043
White Sea Sea/Bay/Gulf native 118986
Åland basins River (basin) native 59043
Öland basins River (basin) native 59043
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