List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 24
Species Name Used in Reference
Gastromyzon aequabilis Tan, 2006 Gastromyzon aequabilis (p. 147;fig.89-91;tab.10)
Gastromyzon auronigrus Tan, 2006 Gastromyzon auronigrus (p. 177;fig.113-114;tab.12)
Gastromyzon bario Tan, 2006 Gastromyzon bario (p. 76;fig.33-36;tab.3)
Gastromyzon cornusaccus Tan, 2006 Gastromyzon cornusaccus (p. 68;fig.25-26;tab.3)
Gastromyzon crenastus Tan & Leh, 2006 Gastromyzon crenastus (p. 142)
Gastromyzon extrorsus Tan, 2006 Gastromyzon extrorsus (p. 70;fig.27-29;tab.3)
Gastromyzon farragus Tan & Leh, 2006 Gastromyzon farragus (p. 178)
Gastromyzon ingeri Tan, 2006 Gastromyzon ingeri (p. 149)
Gastromyzon introrsus Tan, 2006 Gastromyzon introrsus (p. )
Gastromyzon katibasensis Leh & Chai, 2003 Gastromyzon katibasensis (p. 88,106)
Gastromyzon lepidogaster Roberts, 1982 Gastromyzon lepidogaster (p. 130)
Gastromyzon praestans Tan, 2006 Gastromyzon praestans (p. 96;fig.50-52;tab.5)
Gastromyzon psiloetron Tan, 2006 Gastromyzon psiloetron (p. 127;fig.71-73;tab.8)
Gastromyzon punctulatus Inger & Chin, 1961 Gastromyzon punctulatus (p. 82;fig.37-41;tab.4)
Gastromyzon russulus Tan, 2006 Gastromyzon russulus (p. 163)
Gastromyzon spectabilis Tan, 2006 Gastromyzon spectabilis (p. 161;fig.101-102;tab.11)
Gastromyzon stellatus Tan, 2006 Gastromyzon stellatus (p. 126;fig.80-82;tab.9)
Gastromyzon umbrus Tan, 2006 Gastromyzon umbrus (p. 106;fig.59-61;tab.6)
Gastromyzon viriosus Tan, 2006 Gastromyzon viriosus (p. 165;fig.106-107;tab.11)
Gastromyzon zebrinus Tan, 2006 Gastromyzon zebrinus (p. 139;fig.83-84;tab.9)
Neogastromyzon brunei Tan, 2006 Neogastromyzon brunei (p. 194;fig.126-127;tab.13)
Neogastromyzon chini Tan, 2006 Neogastromyzon chini (p. 189;fig.121-123;tab.13)
Neogastromyzon crassiobex Tan, 2006 Neogastromyzon crassiobex (p. 187;fig.119-120;tab.13)
Neogastromyzon kottelati Tan, 2006 Neogastromyzon kottelati (p. 192)
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