List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 17
Species Name Used in Reference
Plesiops auritus Mooi, 1995 Plesiops auritus (p. 12;fig.8-9;tab.1-5)
Plesiops cephalotaenia Inger, 1955 Plesiops cephalotaenia (p. 14;fig.10-11;tab.1-5)
Plesiops coeruleolineatus Rüppell, 1835 Plesiops coeruleolineatus (p. 18;fig.12,13a-b,14;tab.1-9)
Plesiops corallicola Bleeker, 1853 Plesiops corallicola (p. 25;fig.13c-d,15,16;)
Plesiops facicavus Mooi, 1995 Plesiops facicavus (p. 29;fig.10,17,18;tab.1-5)
Plesiops genaricus Mooi & Randall, 1991 Plesiops genaricus (p. 31;fig.7b,10,19,20b,21;)
Plesiops gracilis Mooi & Randall, 1991 Plesiops gracilis (p. 35;fig.1b,5,6,10;tab.1-5)
Plesiops insularis Mooi & Randall, 1991 Plesiops insularis (p. 37;fig.2,7a,10,20a,21,23;)
Plesiops malalaxus Mooi, 1995 Plesiops malalaxus (p. 40;fig.16,24;tab.1-5)
Plesiops multisquamata Inger, 1955 Plesiops multisquamata (p. 42;fig.16,25;tab.1-5)
Plesiops mystaxus Mooi, 1995 Plesiops mystaxus (p. 44;fig.9,26;tab.1-5)
Plesiops nakaharae Tanaka, 1917 Plesiops nakaharai (p. 46;fig.16,27;tab.1-5)
Plesiops nigricans (Rüppell, 1828) Plesiops nigricans (p. 48;fig.16,28;tab.1-5)
Plesiops oxycephalus Bleeker, 1855 Plesiops oxycephalus (p. 51;fig.10,29;tab.1-5)
Plesiops polydactylus Mooi, 1995 Plesiops polydactylus (p. 53;fig.9,30;tab.1-5)
Plesiops thysanopterus Mooi, 1995 Plesiops thysanopterus (p. 55;fig.9,31,32;tab.1-5)
Plesiops verecundus Mooi, 1995 Plesiops verecundus (p. 57;fig.9,33;tab.1-6,12-14)
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