List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 31
Species Name Used in Reference
Acantholiparis caecus Grinols, 1969 Acantholiparis caecus (p. 35)
Acantholiparis opercularis Gilbert & Burke, 1912 Acantholiparis opercularis (p. 35;fig.11a)
Careproctus bathycoetus Gilbert & Burke, 1912 Careproctus bathycoetus (p. 19-20;tab.2)
Careproctus colletti Gilbert, 1896 Careproctus colletti (p. 24)
Careproctus cypselurus (Jordan & Gilbert, 1898) Careproctus cypselurus (p. 16)
Careproctus filamentosus Stein, 1978 Careproctus filamentosus (p. 23;fig.8)
Careproctus gilberti Burke, 1912 Careproctus gilberti (p. 17;fig.6c)
Careproctus longifilis Garman, 1892 Careproctus longifilis (p. 13;fig.6b)
Careproctus melanurus Gilbert, 1892 Careproctus melanurus (p. 14)
Careproctus microstomus Stein, 1978 Careproctus microstomus (p. 20;fig.8)
Careproctus oregonensis Stein, 1978 Careproctus oregonensis (p. 18;fig.6d,7)
Careproctus ovigerus (Gilbert, 1896) Careproctus ovigerum (p. 11;fig.6a)
Elassodiscus caudatus (Gilbert, 1915) Elassodiscus caudatus (p. 26;fig.9)
Genioliparis ferox (Stein, 1978) Odontoliparis ferox (p. 33;fig.10d)
Lipariscus nanus Gilbert, 1915 Lipariscus nanus (p. 29;fig.10a)
Nectoliparis pelagicus Gilbert & Burke, 1912 Nectoliparis pelagicus (p. 31;fig.10b)
Osteodiscus cascadiae Stein, 1978 Osteodiscus cascadiae (p. 24;fig.9)
Paraliparis cephalus Gilbert, 1892 Paraliparis cephalus (p. 39)
Paraliparis dactylosus Gilbert, 1896 Paraliparis dactylosus (p. 47;fig.13b)
Paraliparis deani Burke, 1912 Paraliparis deani (p. 47)
Paraliparis holomelas Gilbert, 1896 Paraliparis holomelas (p. 47)
Paraliparis latifrons Garman, 1899 Paraliparis latifrons (p. 45;fig.13)
Paraliparis megalopus Stein, 1978 Paraliparis megalopus (p. 50;fig.13e)
Paraliparis melanobranchus Gilbert & Burke, 1912 Paraliparis melanobranchus (p. 52)
Paraliparis mento Gilbert, 1892 Paraliparis mento (p. 40;fig.11b)
Paraliparis paucidens Stein, 1978 Paraliparis paucidens (p. 43;fig.11d,12)
Paraliparis pectoralis Stein, 1978 Paraliparis pectoralis (p. 49;fig.13c)
Paraliparis rosaceus Gilbert, 1890 Paraliparis rosaceus (p. 41;fig.11c)
Paraliparis ulochir Gilbert, 1896 Paraliparis ulochir (p. 50;fig.13d)
Rhinoliparis attenuatus Burke, 1912 Rhinoliparis attenuatus (p. 32;fig.10c)
Rhinoliparis barbulifer Gilbert, 1896 Rhinoliparis barbulifer (p. 33)
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