Otolith Summary of Acanthurus dussumieri

Main ref.: (57908). Rivaton, J. and P. Bourret, 1999. Les otolithes des poissons de l’Indo-Pacifique. IRD. Doc. Sci. Tech. II 2, 378pp.
Country:New Caledonia
Scientific name used: Acanthurus dussumieri
Description of Otoliths
Type Length of fish
Length of otolith
Height of otolith
Face Position Picture Locality
sagitta 230  5.9  3.8  inner  left  ACDUS_o1.gif Aquarium Nouméa (NC), 28642
sagitta 230  5.9  3.8  outer  right  Aquarium Nouméa (NC), 28642

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