Species under Diplodus
n= 23
Species name Common name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
Diplodus annularis
(Linnaeus, 1758)
Annular seabream Eastern Atlantic 27.5
Diplodus argenteus
(Valenciennes, 1830)
South American silver porgy Western Atlantic 37.8
Diplodus ascensionis
(Valenciennes, 1830)
Southeast Atlantic 22
Diplodus bellottii
(Steindachner, 1882)
Senegal seabream Southwestern Mediterranean Sea (Malaga to Gibraltar); eastern Atlantic from Cape Verde Islands north to Cadiz (Spain) 30
Diplodus bermudensis
Caldwell, 1965
Bermuda porgy Western Atlantic 30
Diplodus cadenati
de la Paz, Bauchot & Daget, 1974
Moroccan white seabream Eastern Atlantic 45
Diplodus capensis
(Smith, 1844)
Cape white seabream Southeast Atlantic and Western Indian Ocean 45
Diplodus caudimacula
(Poey, 1860)
Silver porgy Western Central Atlantic 30
Diplodus cervinus
(Lowe, 1838)
Zebra seabream Eastern Atlantic 55
Diplodus fasciatus
(Valenciennes, 1830)
Banded seabream Eastern Central Atlantic 45
Diplodus helenae
(Sauvage, 1879)
St. Helena white seabream Southeast Atlantic 31
Diplodus holbrookii
(Bean, 1878)
Spottail seabream Western Atlantic 46
Diplodus hottentotus
(Smith, 1844)
Zebra Western Indian Ocean 60
Diplodus kotschyi
(Steindachner, 1876)
One spot seabream Western Indian Ocean 30
Diplodus levantinus
Fricke, Golani & Appelbaum-Golani, 2016
Eastern Mediterranean 23.1
Diplodus lineatus
(Valenciennes, 1830)
Eastern Central Atlantic 35
Diplodus noct
(Valenciennes, 1830)
Red Sea seabream Western Indian Ocean 25
Diplodus omanensis
Bauchot & Bianchi, 1984
Oman porgy Western Indian Ocean 30
Diplodus prayensis
Cadenat, 1964
Two-banded seabream Eastern Central Atlantic 35
Diplodus puntazzo
(Walbaum, 1792)
Sharpsnout seabream Eastern Atlantic 60
Diplodus sargus
(Linnaeus, 1758)
White seabream Mediterranean Sea, southwestern Black Sea; eastern Atlantic from Canary Islands and Madeira north to Brittany (France); Angola 45
Diplodus striatus
(Bliss, 1883)
Southwestern Indian Ocean
Diplodus vulgaris
(Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 1817)
Common two-banded seabream Eastern Atlantic 45
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