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Class: Actinopteri
Order: Gobiiformes
Family: Gobiidae Gobies
Subfamily: Amblyopinae
Genus: Taenioides

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13 species
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Max. Length 40 cm TL
Taenioides anguillaris (Linnaeus, 1758)

Photo by Photo by Devarapalli, P.
Taenioides anguillaris
[Eel worm goby]

Indian Ocean
Max. Length 30 cm TL
Taenioides buchanani (Day, 1873)

Photo by Photo by Hasan, M.E.
Taenioides buchanani
[Burmese gobyeel]
No picture found

Taenioides caniscapulus

Max. Length 30 cm TL
Taenioides cirratus (Blyth, 1860)

Photo by Photo by Shao, K.T.
Taenioides cirratus
[Bearded worm goby]
No picture found

Taenioides eruptionis

Western Indian Ocean and
Max. Length 29.2 cm TL
Taenioides esquivel Smith, 1947

Photo by Photo by Alvheim, O./Institute of Marine Research (IMR)
Taenioides esquivel
[Bulldog eelgoby]

Max. Length 30 cm TL
Taenioides gracilis (Valenciennes, 1837)

Photo by Photo by FAO
Taenioides gracilis
[Slender eel goby]

Max. Length 12 cm TL
Taenioides jacksoni Smith, 1943

Photo by Photo by Alladin, N.
Taenioides jacksoni
[Bearded eelgoby]

Max. Length 19.8 cm SL
Taenioides kentalleni Murdy & Randall, 2002

Photo by Photo by Murdy, E.O.
Taenioides kentalleni

Max. Length 12 cm SL
Taenioides limicola Smith, 1964

Photo by Photo by Tibbatts, B.
Taenioides limicola
No picture found

Taenioides mordax
[Eastern eelgoby]

Max. Length 23 cm TL
Taenioides nigrimarginatus Hora, 1924

Photo by Photo by FAO
Taenioides nigrimarginatus
[Blackfin eel goby]

Western Pacific. Australi
Max. Length 16 cm SL
Taenioides purpurascens (De Vis, 1884)

Photo by Photo by Bucol, A.A.
Taenioides purpurascens
[Purple eelgoby]


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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Taenioides anguillaris Eel worm goby Indo-Pacific 40 TL 1758
Taenioides buchanani Burmese gobyeel Indian Ocean 30 TL 1873
Taenioides caniscapulus Western Central Pacific 1938
Taenioides cirratus Bearded worm goby Indo-Pacific 30 TL 1860
Taenioides eruptionis Western Pacific. 1849
Taenioides esquivel Bulldog eelgoby Western Indian Ocean and 29.2 TL 1947
Taenioides gracilis Slender eel goby Indo-Pacific 30 TL 1837
Taenioides jacksoni Bearded eelgoby Africa 12 TL 1943
Taenioides kentalleni Indo-Pacific 19.8 SL 2002
Taenioides limicola Indo-Pacific 12 SL 1964
Taenioides mordax Eastern eelgoby Western Pacific 1883
Taenioides nigrimarginatus Blackfin eel goby Asia 23 TL 1924
Taenioides purpurascens Purple eelgoby Western Pacific. Australi 16 SL 1884

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