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Class: Actinopteri
Order: Perciformes/Scorpaenoidei
Family: Synanceiidae Stonefishes
Subfamily: Minoinae
Genus: Minous

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Minous andriashevi

Indo-West Pacific
Max. Length 10.5 cm TL
Minous coccineus Alcock, 1890

Photo by Photo by Satapoomin, U.
Minous coccineus
[Onestick stingfish]

Western Indian Ocean
Max. Length 15 cm TL
Minous dempsterae Eschmeyer, Hallacher & Rama-Rao, 1979

Photo by Photo by Iranian Fisheries Research Organization (IFRO)
Minous dempsterae
[Obliquebanded stingfish]

Indian Ocean
Max. Length 14 cm TL
Minous inermis Alcock, 1889

Photo by Photo by Osmany, H.B.
Minous inermis
[Alcock's scorpionfish]
No picture found

Max. Length 10.3 cm SL

Minous longimanus

Indo-West Pacific
Max. Length 15 cm TL
Minous monodactylus (Bloch & Schneider, 1801)

Photo by Photo by Randall, J.E.
Minous monodactylus
[Grey stingfish]

Indo-West Pacific
Max. Length 11.2 cm TL
Minous pictus Günther, 1880

Photo by Photo by Petrinos, C.
Minous pictus
[Painted stinger]

Western Pacific
Max. Length 7.5 cm TL
Minous pusillus Temminck & Schlegel, 1843

Photo by Photo by Suzuki, T.
Minous pusillus
[Dwarf stingfish]

Northwest Pacific
Max. Length 15 cm TL
Minous quincarinatus (Fowler, 1943)

Photo by Photo by Shao, K.T.
Minous quincarinatus

Western Pacific
Max. Length 12 cm TL
Minous trachycephalus (Bleeker, 1855)

Photo by Photo by Steene, R.
Minous trachycephalus
[Striped stingfish]
No picture found

Max. Length 13.8 cm SL

Minous usachevi

Indo-West Pacific
Max. Length 11 cm TL
Minous versicolor Ogilby, 1910

Photo by Photo by CSIRO
Minous versicolor
[Plumstriped stingfish]


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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Minous andriashevi Western Indian Ocean 1990
Minous coccineus Onestick stingfish Indo-West Pacific 10.5 TL 1890
Minous dempsterae Obliquebanded stingfish Western Indian Ocean 15 TL 1979
Minous inermis Alcock's scorpionfish Indian Ocean 14 TL 1889
Minous longimanus Western Indian Ocean 10.3 SL 1908
Minous monodactylus Grey stingfish Indo-West Pacific 15 TL 1801
Minous pictus Painted stinger Indo-West Pacific 11.2 TL 1880
Minous pusillus Dwarf stingfish Western Pacific 7.5 TL 1843
Minous quincarinatus Northwest Pacific 15 TL 1943
Minous trachycephalus Striped stingfish Western Pacific 12 TL 1855
Minous usachevi Western Indian Ocean 13.8 SL 1993
Minous versicolor Plumstriped stingfish Indo-West Pacific 11 TL 1910

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