Elacatinus jarocho, Jarocho goby

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Elacatinus jarocho Taylor & Akins, 2007

Jarocho goby
ارفع صور و مقاطع فيديو
صور قوقل
Image of Elacatinus jarocho (Jarocho goby)
No image available for this species;
drawing shows typical species in Gobiidae.

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> Gobiiformes (Gobies) > Gobiidae (Gobies) > Gobiinae
Etymology: Elacatinus: Greek, elakatines = fusiform fishes preserved in salt (Ref. 45335);  jarocho: Named for Jarocho, the common local name for Veracruzanos, the native people of Veracruz, Mexico; noun in apposition. Authors are pleased to honor the Jarocho, who have embraced the protection and conservation of the Veracruz.

Environment: milieu / climate zone / depth range / distribution range البيئة

; بحري مرتبطة بالشعاب; نطاق العمق 3 - 25 m (Ref. 58341), usually - m (Ref. ).   Subtropical; 0°C - ; 21°N - 19°N, 96°W - 97°W

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Western Atlantic: Caribbean. Known only from the Veracruz reef system near Veracruz, Mexico (as far north as Isla De Lobos [21°29.36'N, 97°13.53'W] and as far south as Anton Lizardo [ca. 19°04.41'N, 95°50.21'W]).

الحجم / وزن / العمر

Maturity: Lm ?  range ? - ? cm
Max length : 2.7 cm SL ذكر/ مختلط الجنس; (Ref. 58341)

وصف مختصر الوصف الخارجي | قياسات المظهر الخارجي

الأشواك الظهرية (المجموع): 7; الأشعة الظهرية الناعمة (المجموع): 112; شوكة شرجية 1; أشعه شرجية لينه: 9 - 11. Elacatinus jarocho is readily distinguished from other species of Elacatinus (s.s.) by the disjunct yellow lateral stripe that appears as a dash over the eye and on the caudal fin, a yellow medial stripe on the snout, and a black ovoid to rectangular spot at the base of the caudal fin, immediately ventral to the yellow dash (Ref. 58341).

أحياء     المصطلحات (على سبيل المثال epibenthic)

This species was found between 3-25 m depth on high profile coral reefs typically dominated by Montastrea cavernosa (Linneaus), M. annularis (Ellis and Solander), Colpophyllia natans (Houttuyn) and skeletal reef framework. Elacatinus jarocho joins E. atronasus (Böhlke & Robins) as the only two species in the genus to school in the water column. Small to large aggregations (12-60 individuals) of E. jarocho were normally found close to the reef near high profile corals or overhangs. Such reef structure presumably provides shelter from direct sunlight because aggregations were usually observed in darker, shaded areas rather than in direct sunlight. Individuals of E. jarocho, unlike E. atronasus, were never observed stationary on any substrate, but rather hovered continuously about 5–25 cm above the reef, frequently in association with Coryphopterus hyalinus Böhlke & Robins or C. personatus (Jordan & Thompson). This species was not observed to clean other species or interact in other symbiotic relationships. Small and large individuals coexisted in the same aggregations and did not display territorial or hierarchical behaviors. Individual fish would often, though not always, move slowly toward cover when approached to less than 1 m by scuba divers (Ref. 58341).

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Taylor, M.S. and L. Akins, 2007. Two new species of Elacatinus (Teleostei: Gobiidae) from the Mexican coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Zootaxa 1425:45-51. (Ref. 58341)

IUCN Red List Status (Ref. 124695)

  في خطر (EN) (B2ab(iii)); Date assessed: 10 January 2014


Not Evaluated

CMS (Ref. 116361)

Not Evaluated

خطر للأنسان


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Estimates based on models

Phylogenetic diversity index (Ref. 82805):  PD50 = 0.5000   [Uniqueness, from 0.5 = low to 2.0 = high].
Bayesian length-weight: a=0.01023 (0.00475 - 0.02204), b=3.03 (2.85 - 3.21), in cm total length, based on LWR estimates for this (Sub)family-body shape (Ref. 93245).
مستوى غذائي (Ref. 69278):  3.3   ±0.3 se; based on size and trophs of closest relatives
المرونه (Ref. 120179):  عالي, الحد الزمني الأدني لتضاعف عدد أفراد المجتمع أقل من 15 شهر (Preliminary K or Fecundity.).
عرضة للخطر (Ref. 59153):  Low vulnerability (10 of 100) .