Larvae Information Summary for  Avocettina infans
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Main Ref: Matarese, A.C., A.W. Kendall, D.M. Blood and M.V. Vinter 1989
Yolk-sac larvae
  max min mod Ref.
Length at birth (mm)        
Preanal L. % TL        
Place of development planktonic
Larval area California Current region
Yolk-sac       Ref:  
Yolk   Oil globules  
Melanophores on head + trunk melanophores on trunk
Presence of several groups (usually three) of internal spots along body subaxially - about four spots in each group becoming less prominent with growth (Ref. 265).
Post larvae
Striking feature teeth clearly visible
Striking shape lateral eel-like dorsal  
Striking feature teeth clearly visible
Shape of gut tube-like
Gas bladder   early   late  
Spinal armature   early no spines late no spines
Melanophores on head + trunk melanophores on trunk
Peritoneum with row of melanophores
Pectorals normal  
Pelvics normal (i.e. small or absent)  
Leptocephalus larva; pelvic fin absent; caudal fin reduced; presence of small spots on top of spinal cord, at least posteriorly; row of spots dorsally along gut length, ventral row anterior to stomach; pigments are present at the dorsal and anal fin bases (Ref. 265). Diagnostic characters: body less elongate; caudal structure (tail more round, not filiform); position of liver and last blood vessel, 30th and 70-88th myomere, respectively (Ref. 265). Pigmentation: dorsally on notochord; three clusters (1-4 dots each) below lateral midline at myomeres 28-31, 59-61, and 97-100; dorsally along gut from liver; ventrally along gut from heart to liver (Ref. 32364). Sequence of fin development: dorsal, anal (late), caudal, pectoral.
Meristic characters
  max min mod Ref.
Total number of myomeres 201 181 193 265
  L 1st feeding Ref. Months of presence of larvae    Ref. 
max     Jan Feb Mar Apr
min   May Jun Jul Aug
mod     Sep Oct Nov Dec
Water parameters     Metric characters
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