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5063 Andriyashev, A.P. and A.V. Neyelov, 1979. New species of the genus Paraliparis (Liparidae) from the western Antarctic. J. Ichthyol. 19(1):7-15. 1979 Paraliparis monoporus 11;fig.3,5
5070 Andriashev, A.P., 1982. A new species and a new subspecies of the genus Paraliparis (Liparidae) from western Antarctica. II. J. Ichthyol. 22(2):1-9. 1982 Paraliparis monoporus 8
5071 Andriashev, A.P., 1982. A review of the genus Paraliparis (Liparidae) from the East Antarctic. J. Ichthyol. 22(4):1-12. 1982 Paraliparis monoporus 10
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45551 Andriyashev, A.P., 1990. On the probability of the transoceanic (North-Arctic) dispersal of secondary deepwater fish species of boreal-Pacific origin into the depths of the North Atlantic and Arctic Ocean (Faily liparididae, as example). J. Ichthyol. 30(2):1-9. 1990 Paraliparis monoporus 4
11892 Miller, R.G., 1993. A history and atlas of the fishes of the Antarctic Ocean. Foresta Institute, Nevada. 792 p. 1993 Paraliparis monoporus 613
31517 Wu, H.L., K.-T. Shao and C.F. Lai (eds.), 1999. Latin-Chinese dictionary of fishes names. The Sueichan Press, Taiwan. 1028 p. 1999 Paraliparis monoporus -->
58108 Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, 2003. Chinese aquatic germplasm resources database. 2003 Paraliparis monoporus -->
51661 Chernova, N.V., D.L. Stein and A.P. Andriashev, 2004. Family Liparidae Scopoli 1777 snailfishes. Calif. Acad. Sci. Annotated Checklists of Fishes (31):72. 2004 Paraliparis monoporus 42
78116 Chernova, N.V., 2006. New and rare snailfishes (Liparidae, Scorpaeniformes) with the description of four new species from the Southern Hemisphere and Tropical East Pacific. J. Ichthyol. 46:1-14. 2006 Paraliparis monoporus S10
95901 Stein, D.L. and J.C. Drazen, 2014. Paliparis hawaiiensis, a new species of snailfish (Scorpaeniformes: Liparidae) and the first described from the Hawaiian Archipelago. J. Fish Biol. 84(5)1519-1526. 2014 Paraliparis monoporus 1524
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