List of Species Treated in Reference And Used in FishBase
n = 19
Species Name Used in Reference
Eptatretus atami (Dean, 1904) Paramyxine atami (p. 57)
Eptatretus burgeri (Girard, 1855) Eptatretus burgeri (p. 53;tab.1;fig.2)
Eptatretus cheni (Shen & Tao, 1975) Paramyxine cheni (p. 59;tab.2)
Eptatretus chinensis Kuo & Mok, 1994 Eptatretus chinensis (p. 54;tab.1)
Eptatretus fernholmi (Kuo, Huang & Mok, 1994) Paramyxine fernholmi (p. 59;tab.2)
Eptatretus luzonicus Fernholm, Norén, Kullander, Quattrini, Zintzen, Roberts, Mok & Kuo, 2013 Eptatretus fernholmi (p. 55;fig.3;tab.1)
Eptatretus moki (McMillan & Wisner, 2004) Paramyxine moki (p. 60;tag.2;fig.6)
Eptatretus nelsoni (Kuo, Huang & Mok, 1994) Quadratus nelsoni (p. 63;tab.3;fig.8,11a)
Eptatretus okinoseanus (Dean, 1904) Eptatretus okinoseanus (p. 56;fig.4;tab.1)
Eptatretus sheni (Kuo, Huang & Mok, 1994) Paramyxine sheni (p. 60;tab.2)
Eptatretus strahani McMillan & Wisner, 1984 Eptatretus strahani (p. 57;tab.1)
Eptatretus taiwanae (Shen & Tao, 1975) Quadratus taiwanae (p. 64;tab.3;fig.9,11c)
Eptatretus walkeri (McMillan & Wisner, 2004) Paramyxine walkeri (p. 61;tab.2;fig.7)
Eptatretus wisneri (Kuo, Huang & Mok, 1994) Paramyxine wisneri (p. 62;tab.2)
Eptatretus yangi (Teng, 1958) Quadratus yangi (p. 65;tab.3;fig.10,11b)
Myxine formosana Mok & Kuo, 2001 Myxine formosana (p. 66;tab.4)
Myxine garmani Jordan & Snyder, 1901 Myxine garmani (p. 67;tab.4;fig.12)
Myxine kuoi Mok, 2002 Myxine kuoi (p. 68;tab.4)
Myxine paucidens Regan, 1913 Myxine paucidens (p. 68;fig.13;tab.4)
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