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Parmaturus stenseni Springer, 1979
Synonym for Apristurus stenseni (Springer, 1979)

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senior synonym, original combination
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  Etymology of generic noun  
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parma (L.), from parme (Gr.), small shield; oura (Gr.), tail, presumably referring to upper edge of caudal fin “armed with modified” scales (per Garman 1913). (See ETYFish)
  Etymology of specific epithet  
  from ETYFish
In honor of Danish geologist and anatomist Niels Stensen (1638-1686, also known as Nicolas Steno), for “important studies of elasmobranch anatomy, which, because of their scientific accuracy, were influential in the beginnings of elasmobranch systematics in the pre-Linnaean period and later, even to the time of the appearance of Müller and Henle’s ‘Plagiostomia’ in 1841”. (See ETYFish)
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