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Distichodus fasciolatus Boulenger, 1898
Accepted name
Check Catalog of Fishes: Genus: Distichodus; Species: fasciolatus; Original reference
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senior synonym, original combination
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Three syntypes of Distichodus fasciolatus (MRAC 28, MRAC 63 and MRAC 102) were found to be Distichodus antonii (Ref. 96324).
  Etymology of Generic name : 
Greek, di = two + Greek, stix, stichos = line, row (Ref. 45335).
Etymology of specific name : 
The species name "fasciolatus" is derived from the Latin word "fascia", meaning "band, bandage, girdle, zone, strip, stripe" with "fasciola" as a diminutive and most probably refers to the well-marked transverse bars on the flanks (Ref. 96324).
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Accepted name

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