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Notothenia scotti Boulenger, 1907
Synonym for Trematomus scotti (Boulenger, 1907)

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senior synonym, original combination
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The genus Pseudotrematomus is a synonym of Trematomus, which is confirmed by a molecular study to be published (J.-C. Hureau, pers. comm. 08 Jun. 2010).
  Etymology of generic noun  
Greek, 'notos', ou; ?????, ??), from the south + Greek, 'e 'eutheneia',as or 'euthenia', as (????????, ??; ???????, ??), abundance (P. Romero, pers.comm. 01/16)
  Etymology of specific epithet  
Named after Captain Robert Falcon Scott, leader of British National Antarctic Expedition (Ref. 11892).
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