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(English) (1) The reduction in sound or light intensity caused by the absorption and scattering of sound or light energy in air or water. (2) Any procedure in which the virulence of a given (live) pathogen for a particular host species is reduced or abolished without altering its immuno-genicity; attenuation may be achieved by serial passage and may be used to prepare vaccines. (3) A reduction in the virulence of a pathogen under natural conditions. (See also: acoustics, attenuated, attenuated vaccine)
(French) La réduction de son ou d’intensité de la lumière due à l'absorption et éparpillement de son ou d’énergie de la lumière dans l'air ou dans l'eau. (See also: acoustics, attenuated, attenuated vaccine)
(Portuguese) Redução da intensidade do som ou da luz devida à absorção ou refracção da energia sonora ou luminosa pelo ar ou pela água. (See also: acoustics, attenuated, attenuated vaccine)

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