Sinogastromyzon daon Nguyen, 2005
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Family:  Balitoridae (River loaches)
Max. size: 
Environment:  demersal; freshwater
Distribution:  Asia: Vietnam.
Biology:  Collected from Mengyejiang River in China characterized by clear water and moderate to fast current. During December 2009 sampling, this river was about 40 m wide and 3 m deep with plenty of 0.40 m deep riffles over smooth rocks and boulders, and backwaters with plenty of green algae and few patches of a Potamogeton species as the only vascular water plant. Found syntopic with other balitorid fishes which include Vanmanenia tetraloba, Sinogastromyzon tonkinensis, and unidentified Balitora species (Ref. 95066).
IUCN Red List Status: Data deficient (DD); Date assessed: 24 August 2010 Ref. (124695)
Threat to humans:  harmless
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