Ladigesia roloffi Géry, 1968
Sierra leone dwarf characin
photo by JJPhoto

Family:  Alestidae (African tetras)
Max. size:  3.1 cm SL (male/unsexed)
Environment:  pelagic; pH range: 6 - 7; dH range: 10
Distribution:  Africa: Kasewe in the Gbangbaia basin (small stream systems west of Jong) in Sierra Leone (Ref. 2880, 81279). Also appears to be present in Du River (Ref. 13331).
Diagnosis:  Anal spines: 0-0; Anal soft rays: 16-17. Diagnosis: small, elongate fish with incomplete lateral line; scaleless dorsal part (of about at least 3 scale rows wide on both sides) from behind the opercle to the adipose fin; parietal fontanella open (Ref. 2880, 81279). Description: dorsal-fin origin behind level of pelvic-fin insertions which are positioned at about mid-length of body; anal fin with 3 unbranched and 13-14 branched rays; anal fin short, sexually dimorphic like in many other Alestidae; premaxilla with 4 outer and 8 inner teeth; mandible with single row of 8 outer teeth; 34 or 35 scales in a longitudinal, and 7 or 9 scales in a transverse series (Ref. 2880, 81279). Coloration: live specimens have odd, some peer fins (Ref. 81279). Eyes bright red; unbranched rays of dorsal and caudal fin, and the tips of branched rays are black; no humeral spot; after preservation lateral band becomes black and appears from the opercle up to the median rays of caudal fin (Ref. 2880, 81279).
Biology:  Monospecific.
IUCN Red List Status: Endangered (EN); Date assessed: 27 November 2006 (B1ab(iii)+2ab(iii)) Ref. (120744)
Threat to humans:  harmless
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