Eudontomyzon morii (Berg, 1931)
Korean lamprey
Eudontomyzon morii
photo by Kim, I.-S.

Family:  Petromyzontidae (Northern lampreys), subfamily: Lampetrinae
Max. size:  29 cm TL (male/unsexed)
Environment:  demersal; freshwater, potamodromous?
Distribution:  Asia: Yalu River basin, China and North Korea.
Diagnosis:  Adults: 15.3-29.0 cm TL. Body wet weight of individuals 17.25-21.15 cm TL, 6.3-10.3 g. Body proportions, as percentage of TL (based on four specimens measuring 17.1-21.15 cm TL): prebranchial length, 11.7-13.0; branchial length, 8.7-10.2; trunk length, 47.0-47.5; tail length, 29.8-30.4; cloacal slit length, 1.2-1.7; eye length, 1.2-1.7; disc length, 6.1-7.2; prenostril length, 6.7-7.5; snout length, 7.6-8.7; postocular length, 2.8-3.1. Intestinal diameter, 0.3-0.4 cm. Trunk myomeres, 68-74. Dentition: Most labial teeth are villiform; supraoral lamina, 2 unicuspid teeth; infraoral lamina, 6-10 teeth, the lateralmost tooth on each side usually bicuspid, the internal ones unicuspid; 3 endolaterals on each side; endolateral formula, typically 2-2-2 (75%), but also 1-1-1 (25%); 3 rows of anterials; first row of anterials, 3-5 unicuspid teeth; 1-2 rows of exolaterals; 1 row of posterials; first (and only) row of posterials, 19-24 unicuspid teeth; transverse lingual lamina, 13-19 unicuspid teeth, the median one enlarged; longitudinal lingual laminae each with 14-15 unicuspid teeth. Velar tentacles, 9, with wings made up of two tentacles on each side. Lateral line neuromasts unpigmented. Extent of caudal fin pigmentation: 25% to under 75% (in 50% of specimens) and 75% or more (in the other 50%). Caudal fin shape, spade-like. Oral fimbriae, 95-100. Oral papillae, 16-22.
Biology:  Burrows into substrate for the duration of the winter months (Ref. 33844). Freshwater. Adults parasitic on various fishes. Fecundity, 14,000-20,000 eggs/female (Ref. 89241).
IUCN Red List Status: Not Evaluated (N.E.) Ref. (124695)
Threat to humans:  harmless
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