Chiloscyllium punctatum Müller & Henle, 1838
Brownbanded bambooshark
Chiloscyllium punctatum
photo by Randall, J.E.

Family:  Hemiscylliidae (Bamboo sharks)
Max. size:  132 cm TL (male/unsexed)
Environment:  reef-associated; depth range 0 - 85 m
Distribution:  Indo-West Pacific: Andaman Island and India east to Philippines, north to Japan and south to Australia.
Diagnosis:  Dorsal spines (total): 0-0; Dorsal soft rays (total): 0-0; Anal spines: 0-0; Anal soft rays: 0-0. Genus: Nostrils subterminal on snout; pre-oral snout long, mouth closer to eyes than snout tip; eyes and supraorbital ridges hardly elevated; no black hood on head or large spot or spots on sides of body above pectoral fins (Ref. 43278). Caudal fin with a pronounced subterminal notch but without a ventral lobe (Ref. 13575). Species: Young with dark transverse bands and usually a scattering of a few dark spots, bars not prominently edged with black (Ref. 13575, 43278). Adults light-brown, usually without a color pattern (Ref. 13575). Dorsal fins larger than pelvic fins, with projecting free rear tips (Ref. 13575). Body without lateral dermal ridge (Ref. 4832,43278, 13575).
Biology:  A common inshore bottom shark found on coral reefs, often in tide pools (Ref. 247). Probably feeds on bottom invertebrates and small fish (Ref. 6871). Oviparous (Ref. 50449). Can survive up to 12 hours out of water (Ref. 247). Gills sometimes infested by larval isopods (Praniza-larva of isopod Gnathia) (Ref. 247). Utilized as food (Ref. 247); for its meat and fins. Caught frequently by demersal gillnet, longline and trawl fisheries operating in insular and continental shelf waters (Ref.58048).
IUCN Red List Status: Near Threatened (NT); Date assessed: 31 March 2015 Ref. (120744)
Threat to humans:  harmless
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