Chiasmodon subniger Garman, 1899
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Family:  Chiasmodontidae (Snaketooth fishes)
Max. size:  3 cm SL (male/unsexed)
Environment:  pelagic-oceanic; depth range 245 - 4568 m
Distribution:  Eastern Pacific, from Hawaii 155°30'W to the west coast of North, Central and northern South America, from 48°N to 29°S (from Canada to northern Chile).
Diagnosis:  Vertebrae: 43-44. This species is diagnosed from its congeners by the total infraorbital pores 11-13, infraorbital 1 pores five to six (vs. 13-14, rarely 11, infraorbital 1 pores seven to eight); lower jaw short, not extending beyond upper jaw, 63.9-72.7% HL (vs. elongated lower jaw, extending beyond upper jaw, 73.3-77.1% HL in C. asper; 76.0-83.8% HL in C. braueri, 80.8-89.9% HL in C. harteli, 76.8-85.2% HL in C. microcephalus, 72.2-80.0% HL in C. niger, and 72.2-77.0% HL in C. pluriradiatus). It further differs from other species by the blunt snout, and short 21.4-23.9% HL (vs. elongated and pointed 23.0-26.6% HL in C. harteli; 23.7-28.0% HL in C. microcephalus; 22.2-26.6% HL in C. niger); upper jaw 63.9-72.7% HL (vs. 70.0-77.1% HL in C. braueri; 74.3-84.2% HL in C. harteli; and 72.2-80.0% HL in C. niger); from C. braueri, by the absence of teeth on second ceratobranchial (vs. present); from C. harteli by the total vertebrae 43-44 (vs. 47-48), and supraorbital pores 7-8 (vs. six, rarely 7); from C. pluriradiatus and C. asper, by pectoral-fin rays 12-13 (vs. 15-16), no tiny dermal spinules on body in specimens larger than 48.7 mm (vs. spinules present), and fang on premaxillary head 1 (vs. 2) (Ref. 82429). Description: D1 10-12; D2 ii-iv + 21-23; A iv-v + 20-23.
Biology:  Found in the mesopelagic to bathypelagic zones (Ref. 82429).
IUCN Red List Status: Least Concern (LC); Date assessed: 14 July 2014 Ref. (123251)
Threat to humans:  harmless
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