Astyanax guaricana Oliveira, Abilhoa & Pavanelli, 2013
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Family:  Characidae (Characins; tetras), subfamily: Stethaprioninae
Max. size:  9.56 cm SL (male/unsexed)
Environment:  benthopelagic; freshwater
Distribution:  South America: tributaries of the rio Cubatão, coastal basin of Paraná State, Brazil.
Diagnosis:  Dorsal soft rays (total): 9-10; Vertebrae: 39-40. This species belongs to the Astyanax scabripinnis species complex sensu. It is distinguished from congeners of the A. scabripinnis species complex, except A. intermedius, A. laticeps, A. paranae and A. varzeae by having 40-43 teral line scales, (vs. less than 39 scales in A. brachypterygium, A. burgerai, A. courensis, A. cremnobates, A. epiagos, A. goyanensis, A. ita, A. jacobinae, A. jenynsii, A. jordanensis, A. leonidas, A. microschemos, A. obscurus, A. ojiara, A. paris, A. pirapuan, A. rivularis, A. scabripinnis, A. totae, and A. troya). Only A. obscurus and A. ojiara have a maximum of 39 lateral line scales. A. guaricana can be separated from A. ojiara, by having 15-17 circumpeduncular scales (vs. 13-14 scales) and A. obscurus, by having 9-15 scales covering base of anal fin (vs. 6-9 scales). It differs from A. intermedius, A. laticeps and A. paranae by the presence of two vertical humeral spots (vs. a single humeral spot in A. paranae and A. intermedius, which is horizontally oval with narrow and vertical anterior extension in A. laticeps); from A. varzeae by the presence of hooks on the anal fin in males (vs. hooks absent), by a shorter prepectoral distance 23.7-26.5% SL (vs. 26.5-32.0% SL), shorter head length 23.9-26.6% SL (vs. 27.1-29.7% SL), and longer snout length 23.3-27.9% head length (vs. 16.4-23.3% head length); and from A. ribeirae by having two humeral spot (vs. one) and 40-43 lateral line scales (vs. 34-38 lateral line scales) (Ref. 93808).
IUCN Red List Status: Not Evaluated (N.E.) Ref. (123251)
Threat to humans:  harmless
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