Species in Chobe
     n= 60 (Incomplete)
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Species Name Family Habitat Length (cm) Trophic Level Status
Brycinus lateralis Stripped robber Alestidae pelagic 17.1 TL 3.5 native
Clarias gariepinus North African catfish Clariidae benthopelagic 170.0 TL 3.8 native
Clarias ngamensis Blunt-toothed African catfish Clariidae demersal 73.0 TL 4.3 native
Clarias submarginatus Clariidae demersal 16.0 TL 3.3 questionable
Clarias theodorae Snake catfish Clariidae demersal 35.0 TL 3.5 native
Coptodon rendalli Redbreast tilapia Cichlidae benthopelagic 45.0 TL 2.3 native
Coptostomabarbus wittei Upjaw barb Cyprinidae benthopelagic 4.9 TL 2.7 native
Ctenopoma multispine Manyspined ctenopoma Anabantidae benthopelagic 14.0 TL 3.8 native
Ctenopoma muriei Ocellated labyrinth fish Anabantidae benthopelagic 8.5 TL 3.0 misidentification
Enteromius afrovernayi Spottail barb Cyprinidae benthopelagic 5.7 TL 3.5 native
Enteromius barnardi Blackback barb Cyprinidae benthopelagic 8.5 TL 2.6 native
Enteromius barotseensis Barbus barb Cyprinidae benthopelagic 6.1 TL 3.0 native
Enteromius bifrenatus Hyphen barb Cyprinidae benthopelagic 8.5 TL 2.6 native
Enteromius fasciolatus African banded barb Cyprinidae benthopelagic 7.3 TL 3.0 native
Enteromius haasianus Sickle barb Cyprinidae benthopelagic 3.9 TL 3.0 native
Enteromius kerstenii Redspot barb Cyprinidae benthopelagic 11.0 TL 3.0 native
Enteromius lineomaculatus Line-spotted barb Cyprinidae benthopelagic 10.5 TL 3.0 native
Enteromius multilineatus Copperstripe barb Cyprinidae benthopelagic 5.5 TL 3.0 native
Enteromius paludinosus Straightfin barb Cyprinidae benthopelagic 18.3 TL 2.9 native
Enteromius poechii Dashtail barb Cyprinidae benthopelagic 13.4 TL 3.3 native
Enteromius radiatus Redeye barb Cyprinidae benthopelagic 14.6 TL 2.8 native
Enteromius thamalakanensis Thamalakane barb Cyprinidae benthopelagic 5.0 TL 2.6 native
Enteromius unitaeniatus Slender barb Cyprinidae benthopelagic 17.1 TL 3.3 native
Hepsetus cuvieri Hepsetidae demersal 45.1 TL 3.0 native
Hepsetus odoe Hepsetidae demersal 53.9 TL 4.1 misidentification
Hydrocynus vittatus Tiger fish Alestidae demersal 116.6 TL 3.7 native
Labeo lunatus Upper Zambezi labeo Cyprinidae benthopelagic 48.8 TL 2.0 native
Lacustricola katangae Striped topminnow Poeciliidae benthopelagic 4.5 TL 3.3 native
Marcusenius macrolepidotus Bulldog Mormyridae demersal 32.0 TL 3.2 native
Mastacembelus frenatus Longtail spiny eel Mastacembelidae demersal 48.8 TL 3.9 native
Micralestes acutidens Sharptooth tetra Alestidae pelagic 11.0 TL 2.9 native
Microctenopoma intermedium Anabantidae benthopelagic 6.2 TL 3.2 native
Micropanchax hutereaui Meshscaled topminnow Poeciliidae benthopelagic 3.5 TL 2.9 native
Micropanchax johnstoni Johnston's topminnow Poeciliidae benthopelagic 8.5 TL 3.2 native
Mormyrus lacerda Western bottlenose mormyrid Mormyridae demersal 50.0 TL 3.7 native
Nannocharax machadoi Dwarf citharine Distichodontidae pelagic 4.9 TL 3.0 native
Nannocharax multifasciatus Multibar citharine Distichodontidae pelagic 6.0 TL 2.8 native
Oreochromis andersonii Three spotted tilapia Cichlidae benthopelagic 61.0 TL 2.0 native
Oreochromis macrochir Longfin tilapia Cichlidae benthopelagic 43.0 TL 2.2 native
Parauchenoglanis ngamensis Zambezi grunter Claroteidae demersal 46.4 TL 3.6 native
Petrocephalus catostoma Churchill Mormyridae demersal 16.6 TL 3.4 misidentification
Petrocephalus longicapitis Mormyridae demersal 13.4 TL 3.2 native
Pharyngochromis darlingi Zambezi happy Cichlidae demersal 22.0 TL 3.2 native
Pollimyrus castelnaui Dwarf stonebasher Mormyridae demersal 8.5 TL 3.2 native
Pseudocrenilabrus philander Southern mouthbrooder Cichlidae benthopelagic 13.0 TL 3.7 native
Rhabdalestes maunensis Okavango robber Alestidae pelagic 8.5 TL 3.3 native
Sargochromis carlottae Rainbow happy Cichlidae demersal 42.1 TL 3.6 native
Sargochromis codringtonii Green happy Cichlidae demersal 39.0 TL 3.1 native
Sargochromis giardi Pink happy Cichlidae benthopelagic 48.0 TL 3.5 native
Serranochromis angusticeps Thinface cichlid Cichlidae demersal 50.0 TL 4.5 native
Serranochromis jallae Nembwe Cichlidae demersal 48.3 TL 4.1 native
Serranochromis macrocephalus Purpleface largemouth Cichlidae demersal 42.7 TL 4.2 native
Synodontis leopardinus Leopard squeaker Mochokidae benthopelagic 23.9 TL 3.7 native
Synodontis macrostigma Largespot squeaker Mochokidae benthopelagic 17.1 TL 3.5 native
Synodontis nigromaculatus Blackspotted squeaker Mochokidae benthopelagic 38.5 TL 3.3 native
Synodontis woosnami Upper Zambezi squeaker Mochokidae benthopelagic 25.0 TL 2.4 native
Tilapia ruweti Okavango tilapia Cichlidae benthopelagic 10.4 TL 2.4 native
Tilapia sparrmanii Banded tilapia Cichlidae benthopelagic 23.5 TL 2.7 native
Zaireichthys conspicuus Blotched sand catlet Amphiliidae benthopelagic 4.2 TL 3.0 native
Zaireichthys pallidus Pale sand catlet Amphiliidae benthopelagic 3.1 TL 3.0 native
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