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tn_Prpri_u0.gif tn_Prpri_u0.gif Photo by FAO
by FAO (Prpri_u0.gif)
tn_Prpri_u1.gif tn_Prpri_u1.gif Photo by FAO
by FAO (Prpri_u1.gif)
tn_Prpri_u0.jpg Prpri_u0.jpg Photo by JJPhoto
by JJPhoto (Prpri_u0.jpg)

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Arkive image - Ventral view of immature male largetooth sawfish showing pelvic finsArkive image - Largetooth sawfishArkive image - Largetooth sawfish, ventral view
Arkive image - Close up of a largetooth sawfishArkive image - Largetooth sawfish swimmingArkive image - Ventral view of largetooth sawfish showing gill slits, mouth and nostrils
Arkive image - Close up of largetooth sawfish mouthArkive image - Ventral view of largetooth sawfish showing nostrilsArkive image - Largetooth sawfish held by researchers

Pictures from the GICIM Database of the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle
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MNHN 1938-0016, Singapour (Faria V., 2004)

MNHN 1986-0621, Inconnu (Faria V., 2004)

MNHN 1986-0623, Inconnu (Faria V., 2004)

MNHN 1986-0624, Inconnu (Faria V., 2004)

MNHN 1986-1074, Inconnu (Faria V., 2004)

MNHN 1986-1077, Inconnu (Faria V., 2004)

MNHN 1989-1345, Inconnu (Faria V., 2004)

MNHN 1994-0309, Inconnu (Faria V., 2004)

MNHN 2003-2611, Congo (Faria V., 2004)

MNHN 2003-2612, Congo (Faria V., 2004)

MNHN 2003-2613, Congo (Faria V., 2004)

MNHN A-3527, Viet Nam (Faria V., 2004)

MNHN A-3527, Viet Nam (Faria V., 2004)