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Family: Lophiidae Goosefishes

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28 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Lophiodes beroe Northwest Atlantic. 40 SL 1981
Lophiodes bruchius Eastern Central Pacific 16.4 TL 1981
Lophiodes caulinaris Spottedtail angler Eastern Pacific 40 TL 1899
Lophiodes endoi Anglerfish Western Pacific 38 SL 2008
Lophiodes fimbriatus Northwest Pacific 7.5 SL 1985
Lophiodes gracilimanus Indo-West Pacific 16.5 TL 1899
Lophiodes insidiator Natal angler Western Indian Ocean 30 TL 1921
Lophiodes iwamotoi Long-spine anglerfish Pacific Ocean 22.6 SL 2011
Lophiodes kempi Longspine African angler Eastern Atlantic 40 TL 1935
Lophiodes maculatus Spotted anglerfish Eastern Pacific 14.1 SL 2011
Lophiodes miacanthus Pacific Ocean 15 SL 1905
Lophiodes monodi Western Central Atlantic 52 TL 1971
Lophiodes mutilus Smooth angler Indo-West Pacific 45 TL 1894
Lophiodes naresi Goosefish Western Pacific 20 TL 1880
Lophiodes reticulatus Reticulated goosefish Western Atlantic 25 TL 1979
Lophiodes spilurus Threadfin angler Eastern Pacific 30 TL 1899
Lophiodes triradiatus Shortspine goosefish Indo-West Pacific 25.9 TL 1909
Lophiomus setigerus Blackmouth angler Indo-Pacific 40 TL 1797
Lophius americanus American angler Western Atlantic 120 TL 1837
Lophius budegassa Blackbellied angler Eastern Atlantic 100 SL 1807
Lophius gastrophysus Blackfin goosefish Western Atlantic 60 TL 1915
Lophius litulon Yellow goosefish Northwest Pacific 150 SL 1902
Lophius piscatorius Angler Eastern Atlantic 200 SL 1758
Lophius vaillanti Shortspine African angler Eastern Atlantic 80.3 TL 1903
Lophius vomerinus Devil anglerfish Southeast Atlantic 100 TL 1837
Sladenia remiger Celebes monkfish Western Central Pacific 40 TL 1912
Sladenia shaefersi Western Central Atlantic 28 SL 1976
Sladenia zhui Western Pacific 65 TL 2012

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