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Family: Rhinochimaeridae Longnose chimaeras

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Photo by Orlov, A.

North Atlantic
Max. Length 65 cm TL
Harriotta haeckeli Karrer, 1972

Photo by Orlov, A.
Harriotta haeckeli
[Smallspine spookfish]

Photo by Garazo Fabregat, A.

Eastern Atlantic
Max. Length 120 cm OT
Harriotta raleighana Goode & Bean, 1895

Photo by Garazo Fabregat, A.
Harriotta raleighana
[Pacific longnose chimaera]

Photo by Simpson, R.

Western Central Atlantic
Max. Length 74.5 cm TL
Neoharriotta carri Bullis & Carpenter, 1966

Photo by Simpson, R.
Neoharriotta carri

Photo by Jawad, L.A.

Eastern Atlantic
Max. Length 130 cm TL
Neoharriotta pinnata (Schnakenbeck, 1931)

Photo by Jawad, L.A.
Neoharriotta pinnata
[Sicklefin chimaera]
No picture found
Western Indian Ocean
Max. Length 72.8 cm TL

Neoharriotta pumila
No picture found
Southeast Atlantic
Max. Length 81.8 cm TL

Rhinochimaera africana
[Paddlenose chimaera]

Photo by Dolgov, A.

Northwest to Northeast At
Max. Length 140 cm TL
Rhinochimaera atlantica Holt & Byrne, 1909

Photo by Dolgov, A.
Rhinochimaera atlantica
[Straightnose rabbitfish]

Photo by Reyes, P.

Pacific Ocean
Max. Length 165 cm OT
Rhinochimaera pacifica (Mitsukuri, 1895)

Photo by Reyes, P.
Rhinochimaera pacifica
[Pacific spookfish]
8 Species of Family Rhinochimaeridae
(Longnose chimaeras)
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Year Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
1972 Harriotta haeckeli Smallspine spookfish North Atlantic 65 TL
1895 Harriotta raleighana Pacific longnose chimaera Eastern Atlantic 120 OT
1966 Neoharriotta carri Western Central Atlantic 74.5 TL
1931 Neoharriotta pinnata Sicklefin chimaera Eastern Atlantic 130 TL
1996 Neoharriotta pumila Western Indian Ocean 72.8 TL
1990 Rhinochimaera africana Paddlenose chimaera Southeast Atlantic 81.8 TL
1909 Rhinochimaera atlantica Straightnose rabbitfish Northwest to Northeast At 140 TL
1895 Rhinochimaera pacifica Pacific spookfish Pacific Ocean 165 OT

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