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Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Scorpaeniformes
Family: Liparidae Snailfishes

Genus: Liparis

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61 species

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Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm) Year
Liparis adiastolus Northeast Pacific 16.7 SL 2003
Liparis agassizii North Pacific 44 TL 1874
Liparis alboventer Northwest Pacific 14.1 TL 1984
Liparis antarcticus Southeast Pacific 3.8 TL 1874
Liparis atlanticus Atlantic seasnail Northwest Atlantic 13 TL 1898
Liparis barbatus Sea-snail Northeast Atlantic 13.3 1833
Liparis bathyarcticus North Pacific and the Arc 14 TL 1931
Liparis bikunin Northwest Pacific 7 SL 1954
Liparis brashnikovi Northwest Pacific 15 TL 1930
Liparis bristolensis North Pacific 1912
Liparis burkei Northwest Pacific 8.3 SL 1914
Liparis callyodon Spotted snailfish Eastern Pacific 12.7 TL 1814
Liparis catharus Purity snailfish Northeast Pacific 1973
Liparis chefuensis Northwest Pacific 16.5 TL 1933
Liparis coheni Gulf snailfish Northwest Atlantic 11.8 TL 1976
Liparis curilensis Northwest Pacific 11 TL 1912
Liparis cyclopus Ribbon snailfish North Pacific 11.4 TL 1861
Liparis dennyi Marbled snailfish Eastern Pacific 30.5 TL 1895
Liparis dubius Northwest Pacific 1930
Liparis dulkeiti Northwest Pacific 1930
Liparis eos Northwest Pacific 13.7 TL 1984
Liparis fabricii Gelatinous snailfish North Atlantic 21 TL 1847
Liparis fishelsoni Western Indian Ocean 1967
Liparis florae Tidepool snailfish Eastern Pacific 18.3 TL 1895
Liparis frenatus Northwest Pacifc 7.8 SL 1912
Liparis fucensis Slipskin snailfish Eastern Pacific 18 TL 1896
Liparis gibbus Variegated snailfish Arctic, Northwest to Nort 52 TL 1881
Liparis grebnitzkii Northwest Pacific 8.4 TL 1904
Liparis inquilinus Inquiline snailfish Northwest Atlantic 7.1 TL 1973
Liparis kusnetzovi Northwest Pacific 1936
Liparis kussakini Northwest Pacific 1976
Liparis latifrons Northwest Pacific 23.3 SL 1950
Liparis liparis Striped seasnail Northeast Atlantic 15 TL 1766
Liparis maculatus Northwest Pacific 1984
Liparis marmoratus North Pacific 1950
Liparis mednius Northwest Pacific 9.2 SL 1930
Liparis megacephalus Bighead snailfish North Pacific 1912
Liparis meridionalis Northwest Pacific 10.4 TL 1950
Liparis micraspidophorus North Pacific 1912
Liparis miostomus Northwest Pacific 9.3 SL 1954
Liparis montagui Montagus seasnail Northeast Atlantic 15.5 TL 1804
Liparis mucosus Slimy snailfish Northeast Pacific 13 TL 1855
Liparis newmani Northwest Pacific 1960
Liparis ochotensis North Pacific 66 FL 1904
Liparis owstoni Northwest Pacific 43 TL 1904
Liparis petschiliensis Northwest Pacific 1926
Liparis pravdini Northwest Pacific 1951
Liparis pulchellus Showy snailfish Northeast Pacific 25 TL 1855
Liparis punctatus Northwest Pacific 1950
Liparis punctulatus Northwest Pacific 70 TL 1916
Liparis rhodosoma Western Pacific 1930
Liparis rotundirostris Northwest Pacific 14.8 TL 1984
Liparis rutteri Ringtail snailfish North Pacific 7 SL 1898
Liparis schantarensis Shantar snailfish Northwest Pacific 7.4 TL 1929
Liparis schmidti Northwest Pacific 8.4 TL 1987
Liparis tanakae Tanaka's snailfish Northwest Pacific 47 SL 1912
Liparis tartaricus Northwest Pacific 7 TL 1930
Liparis tessellatus Northwest Pacific 28 SL 1912
Liparis tunicatiformis Northwest Pacific 27.4 TL 1984
Liparis tunicatus Kelp snailfish Arctic to Northwest Atlan 16 TL 1836
Liparis zonatus Northwest Pacific 2004

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