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Family: Antennariidae Frogfishes
Subfamily: Histiophryninae

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Photo by Barker, D.

Eastern Indian Ocean
Max. Length 19 cm TL
Allenichthys glauerti (Whitley, 1944)

Photo by Barker, D.
Allenichthys glauerti
[Glauert's anglerfish]

Photo by CSIRO

Eastern Indian Ocean
Max. Length 7 cm TL
Echinophryne crassispina McCulloch & Waite, 1918

Photo by CSIRO
Echinophryne crassispina
[Prickly anglerfish]

Photo by CSIRO

Eastern Indian Ocean
Max. Length 11.1 cm SL
Echinophryne mitchellii (Morton, 1897)

Photo by CSIRO
Echinophryne mitchellii
[Spinycoat anglerfish]

Photo by Hall, D.J.

Max. Length 8 cm TL
Echinophryne reynoldsi Pietsch & Kuiter, 1984

Photo by Hall, D.J.
Echinophryne reynoldsi
[Sponge anglerfish]

Photo by Harasti, D.

Western Pacific
Max. Length 9 cm TL
Histiophryne bougainvilli (Valenciennes, 1837)

Photo by Harasti, D.
Histiophryne bougainvilli
[Smooth anglerfish]

Photo by Allen, G.R.

Western Pacific.
Max. Length 9.6 cm TL
Histiophryne cryptacanthus (Weber, 1913)

Photo by Allen, G.R.
Histiophryne cryptacanthus
[Cryptic anglerfish]

Photo by Arnold, R.J.

Max. Length 6.0 cm SL
Histiophryne maggiewalker Arnold & Pietsch, 2011

Photo by Arnold, R.J.
Histiophryne maggiewalker
[Queensland frogfish]

Photo by Chalias, V.

Pacific Ocean
Max. Length 5.4 cm SL
Histiophryne pogonius Arnold, 2012

Photo by Chalias, V.
Histiophryne pogonius

Photo by Hall, D.J.

Western Pacific
Max. Length 8.7 cm SL
Histiophryne psychedelica Pietsch, Arnold & Hall, 2009

Photo by Hall, D.J.
Histiophryne psychedelica
[Psychedelic frogfish]

Photo by CSIRO

Southwest Pacific
Max. Length 15 cm TL
Kuiterichthys furcipilis (Cuvier, 1817)

Photo by CSIRO
Kuiterichthys furcipilis
[Rough anglerfish]

Photo by Pietsch, T.W.

Western Pacific
Max. Length 4.9 cm SL
Lophiocharon hutchinsi Pietsch, 2004

Photo by Pietsch, T.W.
Lophiocharon hutchinsi
[Hutchins' anglerfish]

Photo by Swann, R.

Western Central Pacific
Max. Length 9.1 cm SL
Lophiocharon lithinostomus (Jordan & Richardson, 1908)

Photo by Swann, R.
Lophiocharon lithinostomus
[Marble-mouthed frogfish]

Photo by Adams, M.J.

Indo-West Pacific
Max. Length 14.7 cm SL
Lophiocharon trisignatus (Richardson, 1844)

Photo by Adams, M.J.
Lophiocharon trisignatus
[Three-spot frogfish]

Photo by CSIRO

Max. Length 10 cm TL
Phyllophryne scortea (McCulloch & Waite, 1918)

Photo by CSIRO
Phyllophryne scortea
[Whitespotted anglerfish]

Photo by CSIRO

Southwest Pacific
Max. Length 23 cm TL
Rhycherus filamentosus (Castelnau, 1872)

Photo by CSIRO
Rhycherus filamentosus
[Tasselled anglerfish]
No picture found
Max. Length 16 cm TL

Rhycherus gloveri
[Glover's anglerfish]

Photo by Allen, G.R.

Western Pacific
Max. Length 14 cm TL
Tathicarpus butleri Ogilby, 1907

Photo by Allen, G.R.
Tathicarpus butleri
[Butler's frogfish]
17 Species of Family Antennariidae
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Year Scientific Name English Name Distribution Max. Length (cm)
1944 Allenichthys glauerti Glauert's anglerfish Eastern Indian Ocean 19 TL
1918 Echinophryne crassispina Prickly anglerfish Eastern Indian Ocean 7 TL
1897 Echinophryne mitchellii Spinycoat anglerfish Eastern Indian Ocean 11.1 SL
1984 Echinophryne reynoldsi Sponge anglerfish Indo-Pacific 8 TL
1837 Histiophryne bougainvilli Smooth anglerfish Western Pacific 9 TL
1913 Histiophryne cryptacanthus Cryptic anglerfish Western Pacific. 9.6 TL
2011 Histiophryne maggiewalker Queensland frogfish Pacifique 6.0 SL
2012 Histiophryne pogonius Pacific Ocean 5.4 SL
2009 Histiophryne psychedelica Psychedelic frogfish Western Pacific 8.7 SL
1817 Kuiterichthys furcipilis Rough anglerfish Southwest Pacific 15 TL
2004 Lophiocharon hutchinsi Hutchins' anglerfish Western Pacific 4.9 SL
1908 Lophiocharon lithinostomus Marble-mouthed frogfish Western Central Pacific 9.1 SL
1844 Lophiocharon trisignatus Three-spot frogfish Indo-West Pacific 14.7 SL
1918 Phyllophryne scortea Whitespotted anglerfish Indo-Pacific 10 TL
1872 Rhycherus filamentosus Tasselled anglerfish Southwest Pacific 23 TL
1984 Rhycherus gloveri Glover's anglerfish Indo-Pacific 16 TL
1907 Tathicarpus butleri Butler's frogfish Western Pacific 14 TL

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