Biblio Records for Centropyge ferrugata
n = 24
Ref. Description Named Used Page
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28618 Randall, J.E. 1997  Randall's tank photos. Centropyge ferrugatus
31517 Wu, H.L., K.-T. Shao and C.F. Lai (eds.) 1999  Latin-Chinese dictionary of fishes names. Centropyge ferrugatus
31667 Anonymous 1998  Fish collection database of the Bernice P. Bishop Museum (BPBM). Centropyge ferrugatus
35414 Hioki, S., K. Suzuki and Y. Tanaka 1990  Development of eggs and larvae in the angelfish, Centropyge ferrugatus. Centropyge ferrugatus
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38732 Anonymous 2001  Fish collection database of the National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian Institution). Centropyge ferrugatus
41414 Anonymous 2002  Fish collection database of the American Museum of Natural History. Centropyge ferrugatus
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51471 Carl, H. 2003  Danish fish names. Centropyge ferrugatus
58108 Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences 2003  Chinese aquatic germplasm resources database. Centropyge ferrugata
90102 Allen, G.R. and M.V. Erdmann 2012  Reef fishes of the East Indies. Centropyge ferrugata 546
103751 de Mitcheson, Y.S. and M. Liu 2008  Functional hermaphroditism in teleosts. Centropyge ferrugata 18
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