Mugil curema  Valenciennes, 1836

White mullet
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Image of Mugil curema (White mullet)
Mugil curema
Picture by Randall, J.E.

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Actinopterygii 輻鰭魚綱 (條鰭魚) > Mugiliformes (Mullets) 鱸形目 (Mullets) > Mugilidae (Mullets) 鯔科 (Mullets)
Etymology: Mugil: Latin, mugil, -ilis = grey mullet (Ref. 45335).   More on author: Valenciennes.

Environment: milieu / climate zone / depth range / distribution range 生態學

; 海洋; 淡水; 半鹹淡水 礁區魚類; 降海洄游 (Ref. 51243); 深度上下限 0 - 300 m, usually 0 - 20 m.   亞熱帶的; 43°N - 34°S, 114°W - 16°E

分布 國家 | FAO區域 | 生態系 | 發現紀錄 | Point map | 簡介 | Faunafri

Western Atlantic: Nova Scotia, but uncommon north of Cape Cod (Harrison, pers. Comm.) to Argentina (Ref. 74796). Eastern Atlantic: Senegal River outlet (Ref. 57400) southwards up to Namibia (Ref. 81659). Eastern Pacific: Gulf of California to Chile (Ref. 9321, 81659).
西大西洋: 新斯科舍省, 但是科德角稀有北方 (Harrison , pers. comm.), 百慕達群島 , 與墨西哥灣北部到巴西南部.(參考文獻 7251) 東大西洋: 塞內加爾到那米比亞 (Harrison , pers. comm.)。 東太平洋: 加州灣到智利;(參考文獻 9321) 從聖地牙哥,美國加州記錄。 (參考文獻 3814)

Length at first maturity / 大小 / 重量 / 年齡

Maturity: Lm 19.7, range 21 - ? cm
Max length : 91.0 cm TL 雄魚/尚未辨別雌雄; (Ref. 81659); common length : 30.0 cm TL 雄魚/尚未辨別雌雄; (Ref. 9321); 最大體重: 680.00 g (Ref. 40637)

簡短描述 型態特徵 | 形態測量圖

背棘 (總數): 4 - 5; 背的軟條 (總數): 8-9; 臀棘 3; 臀鰭軟條: 9 - 10. Diagnosis: body stout, rounded in cross-section; head broad; inter-orbital space flat; a well developed adipose eyelid covering most of pupil (Ref. 57400). Upper lip simple, thicker and deeper than in most Mugil species, armed with 2-3 rows (Ref. 57400), teeth in outer row curved, monocuspid (Ref. 57400, 81659) and moderately close-set (Ref. 81659) or widely spaced (Ref. 57400), inner row of less closely set, smaller teeth may be present just posterior to outer row (Ref. 81659). Lower lip with single row of unicuspid teeth, usually smaller than teeth in outer row on upper lip (Ref. 81659). A vertical line from hind end of upper jaw positioned midway between posterior nostril and anterior eye margin; maxillary pad not visible below corner of mouth when closed; origin of 1st dorsal fin equidistant from snout tip and caudal-fin base; pectoral axillary process well developed (30-37% of pectoral-fin length)(Ref. 57400). (Second) dorsal and anal fins entirely (and more or less densely) covered with scales (Ref. 57400, 81659). Anal fin usually III-9 (rarely III-10) in adults (usually II-10 in juveniles <30 mm SL), first spine very short and usually hidden by overlying scales (Ref. 81659). 11-13 scale rows between origins of first dorsal and pelvic fins (Ref. 57400, 81659).
通常在側線列中的 38 或 39個鱗片。 在側邊上的鱗片覆蓋著比較小的第二鱗片了。 (參考文獻 26938)

生物學特性     字彙 (例如 epibenthic)

Inhabit sandy coasts and littoral pools but also occurs in muddy bottoms of brackish lagoons and estuaries. Sometimes penetrate rivers. May also be found on coral reefs (Ref. 9710). Juveniles are common in coastal waters and are known to find their way to estuaries and coastal lagoons. Growth in juveniles is moderate (30-40 cm in 4 years). Adults form schools (Ref. 9321). Feed on microscopic or filamentous algae and small juveniles of planktonic organisms (Ref. 9626). Reproduction occurs between March and August. Spawn several million eggs provided with a notable yolk (Ref. 35237). Oviparous, eggs are pelagic and non-adhesive (Ref. 205). Maximul size 910 mm TL for western Central Atlantic specimens, eastern Central Atlantic specimens may reach 350 mm TL and commonly reach 250 mm TL (Ref. 81659). An important foodfish, it is marketed fresh and salted (Ref. 9321).

棲息於沙的海岸與海濱的水池也出現於半鹹淡潟湖與河口的泥底部中。 有時深入河。 可能也被發現於珊瑚礁之上.(參考文獻 9710) 稚魚常見於沿岸水域而且被知道發現他們到河口與岸邊潟湖的路。 在稚魚的成長是中等的。 (30-40 公分在 4 年中) 成魚形成魚群。 (參考文獻 9321) 捕食微小的或菌絲藻與浮游性生物的小稚魚.(參考文獻 9626) 在三月與八月之間繁殖。 產卵被具有一個顯著的卵黃的數百萬卵。 (參考文獻 35237) 卵生的, 卵是大洋性與非黏性物.(參考文獻 205) 一個重要的食用魚, 它是生鮮銷售與鹽醃的.(參考文獻 9321)

Life cycle and mating behavior 成熟度 | 繁殖 | 產卵場 | | 孕卵數 | 仔魚

西大西洋: 新斯科舍省, 但是科德角稀有北方 (Harrison , pers. comm.), 百慕達群島 , 與墨西哥灣北部到巴西南部.(參考文獻 7251) 東大西洋: 塞內加爾到那米比亞 (Harrison , pers. comm.)。 東太平洋: 加州灣到智利;(參考文獻 9321) 從聖地牙哥,美國加州記錄。 (參考文獻 3814)

主要參考資料 Upload your references | 參考文獻 | 合作者 : Harrison, Ian | 合作者

Robins, C.R. and G.C. Ray, 1986. A field guide to Atlantic coast fishes of North America. Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, U.S.A. 354 p. (Ref. 7251)

IUCN 瀕危狀態 (Ref. 115185)

CITES (Ref. 115941)

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漁業: 商業性; 養殖: 商業性; 誘餌: occasionally
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Estimates of some properties based on models

Preferred temperature (Ref. 115969): 21 - 28, mean 26.1 (based on 798 cells).
Phylogenetic diversity index (Ref. 82805):  PD50 = 0.5000   [Uniqueness, from 0.5 = low to 2.0 = high].
Bayesian length-weight: a=0.01122 (0.00939 - 0.01340), b=2.96 (2.92 - 3.00), in cm Total Length, based on LWR estimates for this species (Ref. 93245).
營養階層 (Ref. 69278):  2.0   ±0.0 se; Based on diet studies.
回復力 (Ref. 69278):  中等的, 族群倍增時間最少 1.4 - 4.4年 (tm=2-3; Fec=>50,000).
Prior r = 0.45, 2 SD range = 0.23 - 0.89, log(r) = -0.8, SD log(r) = 0.34, Based on: 1 K, 6 tgen, 4 Fec records
瀕危性 (Ref. 59153):  High vulnerability (59 of 100) .
價格種類 (Ref. 80766):   Medium.