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tn_Menig_u8.jpg Menig_u8.jpg Photo by Patzner, R.
Neth Antilles, by Patzner, R. (Menig_u8.jpg)
tn_Menig_u9.jpg Menig_u9.jpg Photo by Luiz, Jr., O.
Brazil, by Luiz, Jr., O. (Menig_u9.jpg)
tn_Menig_ue.jpg Menig_ue.jpg Photo by Wirtz, P.
Ascension I., by Wirtz, P. (Menig_ue.jpg)
tn_Menig_uf.jpg Menig_uf.jpg Photo by Wirtz, P.
Ascension I., by Wirtz, P. (Menig_uf.jpg)
tn_Menig_ug.jpg Menig_ug.jpg Photo by Wirtz, P.
Ascension I., by Wirtz, P. (Menig_ug.jpg)
tn_Menig_u4.jpg Menig_u4.jpg Photo by Randall, J.E.
by Randall, J.E. (Menig_u4.jpg)
tn_Menig_u0.jpg Menig_u0.jpg Photo by Randall, J.E.
Hawaii, by Randall, J.E. (Menig_u0.jpg)
tn_Menig_u5.jpg Menig_u5.jpg Photo by Randall, J.E.
Mauritius, by Randall, J.E. (Menig_u5.jpg)
tn_Menig_u3.jpg Menig_u3.jpg Photo by Ziegler, P.E.
Philippines, by Ziegler, P.E. (Menig_u3.jpg)
tn_Menig_u0.gif tn_Menig_u0.gif Photo by FAO
by FAO (Menig_u0.gif)

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Photo by Michael McVicar
Neth Antilles, Playa Benge, Bonaire, August 23 2011, 30cm, by Michael McVicar
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MNHN 2005-1837, Clipperton(i.) (Guittienne L., 2005)

MNHN 2005-1847, Clipperton(i.) (Guittienne L., 2005)

MNHN 2005-1858, Clipperton(i.) (Guittienne L., 2005)