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Pseudecheneis paucipunctatus Zhou, Li & Yang, 2008   !
Synonym for Pseudecheneis paucipunctata Zhou, Li & Yang, 2008
Check Catalog of Fishes: Genus: Pseudecheneis; Species: paucipunctatus; Original reference
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senior synonym, original combination, misspelling
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In Ref. 74729. Correct specific epithet spelling: paucipunctat*a*.
  Etymology of Generic name : 
Greek, pseudes = false + Greek, echein = to hold + Greek, nays = ship; remora, suckling fish; 1774 (Ref. 45335).
Etymology of specific name : 
From the Latin adjectives pauc (a few), and punctatus (spotted), in reference to occipital and posttemporal without yellow spots.
  Status in Catalogue of Life:   
! - Marks misspellings of the species names that must not be used.
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