Summary for Conger oceanicus larvae
American conger

Conger  oceanicus  (Mitchill, 1818)  
Family: Congridae (Conger and garden eels) Show available picture(s) for Conger oceanicus
Order: Anguilliformes
Class: Actinopterygii
English name: American conger
Distribution: Western Atlantic: Cape Cod in Massachusetts to northeastern Florida in USA and northern Gulf of Mexico. Reported in eastern Atlantic: St. Helena (Ref. 5288). Northwest Atlantic: Canada (Ref. 5951).
Adult biology: Occurs from shallow inshore waters to depths of 477 m and up to 260 m in the Gulf of Maine (Ref. 7135). Benthic (Ref. 5951). Nocturnal predators (Ref. 93252). Feeds mainly on fishes, but also on shrimps and small shellfish. Commonly caught by anglers along piers, docks and jetties in middle Atlantic states.
Diagnosis: Leptocephalus stage: Maximum length about 150-160 mm. Metamorphosis consists of thickening of the head and body, development of the swim bladder, permanent teeth, and pigment in the skin (Ref. 38947).. See also LARVAE table.
Climate Zone: subtropical; 50°N - 16°S
Main Ref: Bigelow, H.B. and W.C. Schroeder. 1953. (Ref. 7135)

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