Introductions of Cyprinus carpio carpio

[n = 173]

Year / Period From To Established Ecol. effects
1900-1924 Unknown Hawaii established  
1900-1924 Israel Thailand established unknown
1925-1949 Japan Taiwan established  
1950-1974 Unknown Belarus established  
19th century China Indonesia established  
Pre 18th century Unknown Spain established  
Pre 18th century Unknown Sweden established  
Pre 18th century Unknown Switzerland established probably some
Pre 18th century Germany Netherlands established  
Pre 18th century Unknown Portugal established unknown
Pre 18th century Unknown Albania established  
Pre 18th century Unknown Norway established  
Pre 18th century Unknown Malta established  
Pre 18th century Unknown Luxembourg established  
Pre 18th century Unknown Denmark established  
Pre 18th century Central Europe France established unknown
Pre 18th century Unknown Germany established  
Pre 18th century Unknown Greece established  
Pre 18th century Eastern Europe Belgium established some
Pre 18th century England Ireland established none
Pre 18th century Unknown Italy established some
Pre 18th century Unknown Liechtenstein established  
unknown Israel Haiti probably not established  
unknown Unknown Hong Kong unknown  
unknown Unknown Jamaica unknown  
unknown Unknown Kyrgyzstan unknown  
unknown unknown Lebanon established unknown
unknown Unknown Lesotho unknown unknown
unknown Unknown Guam established  
unknown unknown French Polynesia unknown unknown
unknown Unknown French Polynesia unknown  
unknown Unknown Latvia unknown  
unknown Unknown Bosnia Herzegovina established  
unknown unknown Botswana probably established unknown
unknown Unknown Brunei probably established  
unknown Unknown Quebec established  
unknown Unknown Croatia probably established unknown
unknown Unknown Czechoslovakia established  
unknown Unknown Ecuador probably not established  
unknown Unknown Lithuania unknown  
unknown South Africa Mozambique unknown unknown
unknown Unknown Saudi Arabia unknown  
unknown Unknown Togo unknown  
unknown China Singapore established probably some
unknown Unknown Slovenia probably established unknown
unknown unknown Kuwait established unknown
unknown South Africa Swaziland unknown  
unknown Unknown Turkey probably established unknown
unknown Unknown Syria established  
unknown Unknown Tanzania unknown unknown
unknown Unknown Tajikistan unknown  
unknown Unknown Reunion unknown unknown
unknown South Africa Namibia established unknown
unknown Unknown New Caledonia unknown  
unknown Unknown Paraguay unknown  
unknown Unknown East Timor established no data
unknown Unknown Azores Is established some
1931 - 1934 Yugoslavia Jordan River established  
1927 - 1928 Yugoslavia Israel established  
1953 - 1954 Indonesia Myanmar established  
1970 - 1979 China Afghanistan established  
1968 - 1969 Romania Iran established some
1970 - 1979 Hungary Nepal established unknown
1968 - 1969 China Iran established some
1980 - 1989 Rwanda Burundi unknown unknown
1864 - 1911 UK New Zealand established some
1872 - 1873 Asia Mexico established some
1800 - 1899 China Malaysia established  
1801 - 1899 Brazil Argentina established some
1872 - 1873 France Mexico established some
1300 - 1399 Unknown Romania established probably some
1200 - 1300 Unknown Poland established probably some
1300 - 1496 Europe UK established probably some
1831 France Canada established some
1831 Germany USA established probably some
1850 Argentina Uruguay established probably some
1850 Brazil Uruguay established probably some
1859 Germany South Africa established some
1860 Unknown Mitidja Oueds established some
1861 Germany Finland probably established probably some
1861 Asia Finland probably established probably some
1861 Sweden Finland probably established probably some
1861 Former USSR Finland probably established probably some
1872 UK Australia established some
1875 Germany Chile established some
1880 USA Canada established some
1893 Russia Estonia probably established none
1893 Lithuania Estonia probably established none
1893 Latvia Estonia probably established none
1893 Germany Estonia probably established none
1894 Amu Darya Murgab, Turkmenistan established unknown
1897 Unknown British Columbia established  
1898 Hungary Brazil established probably some
1898 USA Brazil established probably some
1905 Germany Japan unknown  
1907 unknown Kazakhstan (Lake Balkhash) established probably none
1910 South Africa Kenya established probably some
1910 Uganda Kenya established probably some
1913 China Thailand established unknown
1913 Japan Thailand established  
1913 Germany Thailand established  
1914 Germany Sri Lanka established unknown
1914 Unknown Madagascar established probably some
1915 Hong Kong Philippines established  
1925 South Africa Zimbabwe established  
1925 France Morocco established some
1927 USA Cuba established  
1927 USSR Cuba established  
1934 Indonesia Egypt established  
1936 New Zealand Fiji probably established  
1936 Italy Ethiopia established  
1939 Thailand India established some
1939 Sri Lanka India established some
1940 Unknown Venezuela established some
1940 Unknown Colombia established  
1946 South Africa Zambia not established  
1946 Brazil Bolivia established unknown
1946 Malawi Zambia not established  
1946 Israel Zambia not established  
1946 Colombia Bolivia established unknown
1946 Japan Peru established  
1946 China Peru established  
1946 Mexico Bolivia established unknown
1947 Belgium Congo, Dem. Rep. of the not established some
1951 United States of America Haiti unknown no data
1953 Mexico Dominican Republic established  
1953 Dominican Republic Puerto Rico established unknown
1954 Austria Nigeria probably established  
1954 Unknown Guatemala established  
1954 Israel Nigeria probably established  
1955 Unknown Iraq established some
1956 Nicaragua Honduras not established  
1956 India Nepal unknown unknown
1958 Russian Fed China unknown no data
1958 Israel Nepal unknown unknown
1959 Australia Papua New Guinea established some
1960 Israel Rwanda established  
1960 Unknown (probably India) Bangladesh established  
1962 Israel Uganda established  
1962 Unknown Ghana probably established  
1964 Thailand Pakistan established unknown
1964 UK Pakistan established unknown
1964 Mexico Nicaragua probably not established  
1965 Guatemala El Salvador probably established  
1965 France Tunisia probably established probably some
1965 Germany Tunisia probably established probably some
1965 Thailand Lao PDR established  
1966 Israel Central African Republic established  
1966 Israel Cyprus established some
1968 Japan Suriname probably established  
1969 Taiwan Cambodia established unknown
1969 Hungary Viet Nam established some
1970 Israel Cameroon established  
1970 Israel Malawi not established probably some
1973 Israel Korea established  
1975 India Sudan not established  
1976 Italy Côte d'Ivoire established  
1976 Viet Nam Hungary established probably some
1976 Taiwan Costa Rica probably established  
1976 India Mauritius established unknown
1976 Colombia Panama established  
1976 USA Panama established  
1976 Israel Panama established  
1977 India Lao PDR established  
1978 Israel Myanmar unknown unknown
1981 Viet Nam Cambodia established unknown
1982 Japan China unknown  
1982 Russian Fed Viet Nam established probably some
1982 Viet Nam Former USSR established probably some
1983 Nepal Bhutan established  
1984 Germany China unknown no data
1989 Panama Haiti unknown no data
1990 Hungary Angola (Pangula Lake) unknown  
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