Ecology of Aluterus heudelotii
Main Ref. Fahay, M.P., 2007
Marine - Neritic
  • supra-littoral zone
  • littoral zone
  • sublittoral zone
Marine - Oceanic
  • epipelagic
  • mesopelagic
  • epipelagic
  • abyssopelagic
  • hadopelagic
  • estuaries/lagoons/brackish seas
  • mangroves
  • marshes/swamps
  • rivers/streams
  • lakes/ponds
  • caves
  • exclusively in caves
Highighted items on the list are where Aluterus heudelotii may be found.
Remarks Usually occurs in shallow water over sand or mud subtrates, typically associated with seagrass beds. Late larvae and juveniles commonly pelagic, often near Sargassum mats. Forages on a variety of plant, including algae and seagrasses, usually grazing off the bottom but sometimes also nibbling at the surface.


Substrate Benthic: demersal; Soft Bottom: sand; mud;
Substrate Ref. Fahay, M.P., 2007
Special habitats