List of Endemic Fishes reported from Madagascar
n = 71
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Table 1: 71 species currently present in the country/island (endemic, native, introduced, reintroduced);
Table 2: 0 species possibly present in the country/island (stray, questionable);
Table 3: 0 species demonstrated to be absent in the country/island (extirpated, not established, misidentification, error).
Table 4: 71 species reported from the country/island altogether.
Table 1: 71 species currently present in the country/island.
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Order Family Species Occurrence FishBase name Name
Perciformes Ambassidae Ambassis fontoynontiendemic   
Siluriformes Anchariidae Ancharius fuscusendemic   
Siluriformes Anchariidae Ancharius griseusendemic   
Perciformes Sciaenidae Argyrosomus hololepidotusendemic Southern meagre Fyandava 
Siluriformes Ariidae Arius festinusendemic   
Siluriformes Ariidae Arius uncinatusendemic   
Atheriniformes Bedotiidae Bedotia albomarginataendemic  Zono 
Atheriniformes Bedotiidae Bedotia alveyiendemic Makira Rainbowfish Zono 
Atheriniformes Bedotiidae Bedotia geayiendemic Red-Tailed Silverside  
Atheriniformes Bedotiidae Bedotia leucopteronendemic   
Atheriniformes Bedotiidae Bedotia madagascariensisendemic   
Atheriniformes Bedotiidae Bedotia marojejyendemic   
Atheriniformes Bedotiidae Bedotia masoalaendemic  Zono 
Orectolobiformes Hemiscylliidae Chiloscyllium caeruleopunctatumendemic Bluespotted bambooshark  
Perciformes Eleotridae Eleotris pellegriniendemic   
Perciformes Gobiidae Glossogobius ankaranensisendemic   
Siluriformes Anchariidae Gogo arcuatusendemic   
Siluriformes Anchariidae Gogo atratusendemic   
Siluriformes Anchariidae Gogo brevibarbisendemic   
Siluriformes Anchariidae Gogo ornatusendemic   
Perciformes Eleotridae Hypseleotris tohizonaeendemic   
Perciformes Kuhliidae Kuhlia sauvagiiendemic   
Perciformes Terapontidae Mesopristes elongatusendemic Plain terapon  
Perciformes Eleotridae Ophiocara macrolepidotaendemic   
Perciformes Cichlidae Oxylapia polliendemic   
Cyprinodontiformes Aplocheilidae Pachypanchax arnoultiendemic   
Cyprinodontiformes Aplocheilidae Pachypanchax patriciaeendemic   
Cyprinodontiformes Aplocheilidae Pachypanchax sakaramyiendemic   
Cyprinodontiformes Aplocheilidae Pachypanchax sparksorumendemic   
Cyprinodontiformes Aplocheilidae Pachypanchax varatrazaendemic   
Cyprinodontiformes Poeciliidae Pantanodon madagascariensisendemic   
Perciformes Cichlidae Paratilapia polleniendemic  Marakely 
Perciformes Cichlidae Paretroplus dambabeendemic   
Perciformes Cichlidae Paretroplus damiiendemic  Damba 
Perciformes Cichlidae Paretroplus gymnopreopercularisendemic   
Perciformes Cichlidae Paretroplus kieneriendemic  Kotsovato 
Perciformes Cichlidae Paretroplus lamenabeendemic Big red cichlid Big red cichlid 
Perciformes Cichlidae Paretroplus maculatusendemic  Masovoatoaka 
Perciformes Cichlidae Paretroplus maromandiaendemic   
Perciformes Cichlidae Paretroplus menaramboendemic   
Perciformes Cichlidae Paretroplus nourissatiendemic   
Perciformes Cichlidae Paretroplus petitiendemic  Kotso 
Perciformes Cichlidae Paretroplus polyactisendemic  Borivava 
Perciformes Cichlidae Paretroplus tsimolyendemic  Tsimoly 
Perciformes Cichlidae Ptychochromis curvidensendemic   
Perciformes Cichlidae Ptychochromis ernestmagnusiendemic   
Perciformes Cichlidae Ptychochromis grandidieriendemic   
Perciformes Cichlidae Ptychochromis inornatusendemic  Tsipoy 
Perciformes Cichlidae Ptychochromis insolitusendemic   
Perciformes Cichlidae Ptychochromis loiselleiendemic   
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