List of Freshwater Fishes reported from Syrian Arab Republic
n = 79
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Table 1: 76 species currently present in the country/island (endemic, native, introduced, reintroduced);
Table 2: 1 species possibly present in the country/island (stray, questionable);
Table 3: 2 species demonstrated to be absent in the country/island (extirpated, not established, misidentification, error).
Table 4: 79 species reported from the country/island altogether.
Table 1: 76 species currently present in the country/island.
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Order Family Species Occurrence FishBase name Name
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Acanthobrama centisquamanative Orontes bream  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Acanthobrama lissnerinative   
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Acanthobrama marmidnative Tigris bream  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Acanthobrama telavivensisnative   
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Acanthobrama tricolornative   
Acipenseriformes Acipenseridae Acipenser sturionative Sturgeon  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Alburnus caeruleusnative Tigris bleak  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Alburnus orontisnative Orontes bleak  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Alburnus qalilusnative   
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Alburnus sellalnative Sellal bleak  
Anguilliformes Anguillidae Anguilla anguillanative European eel  
Cyprinodontiformes Cyprinodontidae Aphanius fasciatusnative Mediterranean banded killifish  
Cyprinodontiformes Cyprinodontidae Aphanius mentonative Pearl-spotted killifish  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Arabibarbus grypusnative Shabout  
Perciformes Cichlidae Astatotilapia flaviijosephinative   
Atheriniformes Atherinidae Atherina boyerinative Big-scale sand smelt  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Barbus lacertanative Kura barbel  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Capoeta barroisinative Tigris barb  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Capoeta damascinanative Mesopotamian barb  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Capoeta truttanative   
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Carasobarbus canisnative   
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Carasobarbus chantreinative Antakya barbell  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Carasobarbus kosswiginative Kosswig’s barb  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Carasobarbus luteusnative Yellow barbell  
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Chelon auratusnative Golden grey mullet Bouri dehban 
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Chelon labrosusnative Thicklip grey mullet Bouri chelan 
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Chelon ramadanative Thinlip grey mullet Bouri Toubar 
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Chelon saliensnative Leaping mullet  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Chondrostoma kinzelbachinative Orontes nase  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Chondrostoma regiumnative Brond-snout  
Siluriformes Clariidae Clarias gariepinusnative North African catfish  
Cypriniformes Cobitidae Cobitis levantinanative Orontes spined loach  
Perciformes Cichlidae Coptodon zilliiintroduced Redbelly tilapia  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Cyprinion kaisnative Kais kingfish  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Cyprinion macrostomumnative Tigris kingfish  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Cyprinus carpiointroduced Common carp  
Cyprinodontiformes Poeciliidae Gambusia affinisintroduced Mosquitofish  
Cyprinodontiformes Poeciliidae Gambusia holbrookiintroduced Eastern mosquitofish  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Garra culiciphaganative Red stripe barb  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Garra jordanicanative   
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Garra nananative   
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Garra rufanative Red garra  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Garra variabilisnative Variable garra  
Siluriformes Sisoridae Glyptothorax cousnative Tigris cat  
Perciformes Gobiidae Gobius paganellusnative Rock goby  
Siluriformes Heteropneustidae Heteropneustes fossilisnative Stinging catfish  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Luciobarbus barbulusnative barbell  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Luciobarbus kersinnative Kersin barbell  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Luciobarbus longicepsnative   
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Luciobarbus pectoralisnative Heckel’s Orontes barbell  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Luciobarbus subquincunciatusnative Mesopotamian barbel Abou khazzama 
Synbranchiformes Mastacembelidae Mastacembelus mastacembelusnative Euphrates spiny eel  
Mugiliformes Mugilidae Mugil cephalusnative Flathead grey mullet Bouri 
Perciformes Cichlidae Oreochromis aureusintroduced Blue tilapia  
Perciformes Cichlidae Oreochromis niloticusintroduced Nile tilapia  
Cypriniformes Nemacheilidae Oxynoemacheilus angoraenative Angora loach  
Cypriniformes Nemacheilidae Oxynoemacheilus argyrogrammanative Two spot loach  
Cypriniformes Nemacheilidae Oxynoemacheilus galilaeusnative   
Cypriniformes Nemacheilidae Oxynoemacheilus hamwiinative   
Cypriniformes Nemacheilidae Oxynoemacheilus insignisnative Syrian loach  
Cypriniformes Nemacheilidae Oxynoemacheilus namirinative Levantine loach  
Cypriniformes Nemacheilidae Oxynoemacheilus pantheranative   
Cypriniformes Nemacheilidae Oxynoemacheilus tigrisnative Tigris loach  
Pleuronectiformes Pleuronectidae Platichthys flesusnative European flounder  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Pseudophoxinus drusensisnative   
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Pseudophoxinus hasaninative   
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Pseudophoxinus kervilleinative Orontes minnow  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Pseudophoxinus syriacusnative   
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Pseudophoxinus zereginative Orontes phoxinellus  
Perciformes Cichlidae Sarotherodon galilaeusnative Mango tilapia  
Siluriformes Siluridae Silurus glanisintroduced Wels catfish  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Squalius beraknative Mesopotamian chub  
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Squalius lepidusnative   
Cypriniformes Cyprinidae Squalius spuriusnative Orontes dace  
Syngnathiformes Syngnathidae Syngnathus abasternative Black-striped pipefish  
Perciformes Cichlidae Tristramella simonisnative   
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