List of Deep-water Fishes reported from Mexico
n = 361
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Table 1: 360 species currently present in the country/island (endemic, native, introduced, reintroduced);
Table 2: 1 species possibly present in the country/island (stray, questionable);
Table 3: 0 species demonstrated to be absent in the country/island (extirpated, not established, misidentification, error).
Table 4: 361 species reported from the country/island altogether.
Table 1: 360 species currently present in the country/island.
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Order Family Species Occurrence FishBase name Name Habitat Depth (m)
Aulopiformes Notosudidae Ahliesaurus brevisnative   bathypelagic 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Albatrossia pectoralisnative Giant grenadier  bathydemersal140 - 3500 
Notacanthiformes Halosauridae Aldrovandia gracilisnative   bathypelagic460 - 2560 
Aulopiformes Alepisauridae Alepisaurus feroxnative Long snouted lancetfish Lanzón picudo bathypelagic 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Alepocephalus agassiziinative Agassiz' slickhead  bathydemersal600 - 2500 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Alepocephalus australisnative Small scaled brown slickhead  bathydemersal1000 - 2600 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Alepocephalus tenebrosusnative California slickhead  bathydemersal46 - 5500 
Rajiformes Anacanthobatidae Anacanthobatis folirostrisnative Leaf-nose leg skate  bathydemersal425 - 472 
Rajiformes Anacanthobatidae Anacanthobatis longirostrisnative Longnose leg skate  bathydemersal530 - 1052 
Beryciformes Anoplogastridae Anoplogaster brachyceranative Shorthorn fangtooth  bathypelagic 
Beryciformes Anoplogastridae Anoplogaster cornutanative Common fangtooth  bathypelagic2 - 4992 
Scorpaeniformes Anoplopomatidae Anoplopoma fimbrianative Sablefish Bacalao negro bathydemersal175 - 2740 
Gadiformes Moridae Antimora microlepisnative Finescale mora Mora viola bathypelagic175 - 3048 
Ophidiiformes Aphyonidae Aphyonus gelatinosusnative Gelatinous blindfish  bathydemersal900 - 2562 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Apristurus kampaenative Longnose catshark Gato trompudo bathydemersal 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Apristurus parvipinnisnative Smallfin catshark  bathydemersal600 - 1380 
Aulopiformes Paralepididae Arctozenus rissonative Spotted barracudina  bathypelagic 
Osmeriformes Argentinidae Argentina sialisnative North-Pacific argentine Argentina del Pacifico demersal11 - 325 
Osmeriformes Argentinidae Argentina striatanative Striated argentine  bathypelagic100 - 600 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Aristostomias grimaldiinative   bathypelagic25 - 800 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Aristostomias polydactylusnative   bathypelagic25 - 1100 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Aristostomias scintillansnative Shiny loosejaw  bathypelagic 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Asquamiceps caeruleusnative   bathypelagic 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Asquamiceps velarisnative Fanfin smooth-head  bathypelagic 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Astronesthes macropogonnative   bathypelagic 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Astronesthes micropogonnative   bathypelagic120 - 600 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Astronesthes richardsoninative Richardson's snaggletooth  bathypelagic275 - 1000 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Astronesthes similusnative   bathypelagic 
Anguilliformes Nemichthyidae Avocettina bowersiinative   bathypelagic92 - 641 
Anguilliformes Nemichthyidae Avocettina infansnative Avocet snipe eel  bathypelagic785 - 4580 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Bajacalifornia burrageinative Sharpchin slickhead  bathypelagic 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Bajacalifornia megalopsnative Bigeye smooth-head  bathypelagic150 - 3200 
Osmeriformes Platytroctidae Barbantus curvifronsnative Palebelly searsid  bathypelagic 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Bassozetus nasusnative   bathydemersal3060 - 3570 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Bathophilus filifernative Sparing  bathypelagic 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Bathophilus fleminginative Highfin dragonfish  bathypelagic225 - 1370 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Bathophilus longipinnisnative   bathypelagic20 - 1646 
Perciformes Serranidae Bathyanthias cubensisnative   bathydemersal366 - 412 
Perciformes Bathyclupeidae Bathyclupea argenteanative   bathypelagic505 - 677 
Perciformes Bathyclupeidae Bathyclupea schroederinative   benthopelagic 
Anguilliformes Congridae Bathycongrus macrurusnative Shorthead conger Congrio de cabeza corta bathydemersal265 - 590 
Anguilliformes Congridae Bathycongrus varidensnative Largehead conger Congrio de cabeza larga bathydemersal165 - 935 
Anguilliformes Congridae Bathycongrus vicinalisnative Neighbor conger  bathydemersal101 - 503 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Bathygadus macropsnative Bullseye grenadier  bathypelagic200 - 777 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Bathygadus melanobranchusnative Vaillant's grenadier  bathydemersal400 - 2600 
Osmeriformes Bathylagidae Bathylagoides nigrigenysnative Blackchin blacksmelt  bathypelagic100 - 1500 
Osmeriformes Bathylagidae Bathylagoides wesethinative Snubnose blacksmelt  bathypelagic25 - 1130 
Osmeriformes Bathylagidae Bathylagus pacificusnative Slender blacksmelt  bathypelagic600 - 7700 
Aulopiformes Ipnopidae Bathypterois atricolornative Attenuated spider fish  bathydemersal250 - 5150 
Aulopiformes Ipnopidae Bathypterois grallatornative Tripodfish  bathydemersal878 - 4720 
Aulopiformes Ipnopidae Bathypterois phenaxnative Blackfin spiderfish  bathydemersal800 - 2657 
Aulopiformes Ipnopidae Bathypterois quadrifilisnative   bathydemersal402 - 1408 
Rajiformes Arhynchobatidae Bathyraja abyssicolanative Deep-sea skate  bathydemersal362 - 2910 
Rajiformes Arhynchobatidae Bathyraja spinosissimanative Spiny skate  bathydemersal800 - 2938 
Rajiformes Arhynchobatidae Bathyraja trachuranative Roughtail skate Raya de cola rugosa bathydemersal213 - 2550 
Aulopiformes Ipnopidae Bathytyphlops marionaenative Marion's spiderfish  bathydemersal 
Anguilliformes Congridae Bathyuroconger vicinusnative Large-toothed conger  benthopelagic120 - 1318 
Scorpaeniformes Triglidae Bellator gymnostethusnative Naked-belly searobin Rubio cabro demersal 
Aulopiformes Scopelarchidae Benthalbella dentatanative Northern pearleye  bathypelagic98 - 3400 
Perciformes Trichiuridae Benthodesmus tenuisnative Slender frostfish  benthopelagic200 - 850 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Bolinichthys longipesnative Popeye lampfish Linternilla bathypelagic50 - 1021 
Lophiiformes Linophrynidae Borophryne apogonnative Netdevil  bathypelagic 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Borostomias elucensnative   bathypelagic500 - 2500 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Borostomias mononemanative Sickle snaggletooth  bathypelagic 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Borostomias panamensisnative Panama snaggletooth  bathypelagic500 - 1800 
Perciformes Zoarcidae Bothrocara brunneumnative Twoline eelpout  bathydemersal129 - 2570 
Perciformes Zoarcidae Bothrocara mollenative Soft eelpout  bathydemersal60 - 2688 
Perciformes Bramidae Brama dussumierinative Lesser bream  pelagic-neritic1 - 300 
Lophiiformes Diceratiidae Bufoceratias wedlinative   bathypelagic300 - 1750 
Perciformes Acropomatidae Caraibops trispinosusnative Threespine bass  bathydemersal36 - 550 
Perciformes Caristiidae Caristius macropusnative Manefish  bathypelagic200 - 1450 
Ophidiiformes Bythitidae Cataetyx rubrirostrisnative Rubynose brotula  bathydemersal300 - 1000 
Perciformes Draconettidae Centrodraco acanthopomanative North Atlantic slope dragonet  bathydemersal170 - 594 
Squaliformes Centrophoridae Centrophorus granulosusnative Gulper shark  bathydemersal50 - 1440 
Squaliformes Centrophoridae Centrophorus uyatonative Little gulper shark  bathydemersal50 - 1400 
Lophiiformes Centrophrynidae Centrophryne spinulosanative Horned lantern fish  bathypelagic590 - 2325 
Squaliformes Etmopteridae Centroscyllium nigrumnative Combtooth dogfish Tollo negro benthopelagic269 - 1170 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Cephalurus cephalusnative Lollipop catshark Gato renacuajo bathydemersal155 - 927 
Lophiiformes Ceratiidae Ceratias holboellinative Kroyer's deep-sea angler fish  bathypelagic400 - 4400 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Chauliodus danaenative Dana viperfish  bathypelagic 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Chauliodus macouninative Pacific viperfish  bathypelagic25 - 4390 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Cherublemma emmelasnative Black brotula Brótula negra bathydemersal102 - 740 
Perciformes Chiasmodontidae Chiasmodon subnigernative   pelagic-oceanic245 - 4568 
Hexanchiformes Chlamydoselachidae Chlamydoselachus anguineusnative Frilled shark Tiburón anguilla bathydemersal 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus caelorhincusnative Hollowsnout grenadier  benthopelagic90 - 1485 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus caribbaeusnative Blackfin grenadier  bathydemersal200 - 700 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus scaphopsisnative Shoulderspot grenadier Granadero carepala benthopelagic180 - 300 
Anguilliformes Colocongridae Coloconger meadinative   bathydemersal650 - 925 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Conocara macropterumnative Longfin smooth-head  bathypelagic800 - 2200 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coryphaenoides acrolepisnative Pacific grenadier  bathydemersal300 - 3700 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coryphaenoides angulicepsnative Loosescale grenadier Granadero anguloso bathydemersal720 - 2400 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coryphaenoides armatusnative Abyssal grenadier Granadero abisal bathypelagic282 - 5180 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coryphaenoides capitonative Bighead grenadier Granadero cabezón bathypelagic305 - 1000 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coryphaenoides mexicanusnative Mexican grenadier  bathydemersal110 - 1600 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coryphaenoides oreinosnative   bathydemersal990 - 1626 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coryphaenoides rudisnative Rudis rattail  bathypelagic600 - 2380 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coryphaenoides zaniophorusnative Thickbeard grenadier  bathydemersal400 - 2375 
Rajiformes Rajidae Cruriraja rugosanative Rough leg skate  bathydemersal366 - 1007 
Lophiiformes Ceratiidae Cryptopsaras couesiinative Triplewart seadevil  bathypelagic 
Stomiiformes Gonostomatidae Cyclothone acclinidensnative Benttooth bristlemouth  bathypelagic 
Stomiiformes Gonostomatidae Cyclothone signatanative Showy bristlemouth  bathypelagic16 - 4938 
Saccopharyngiformes Cyematidae Cyema atrumnative Bobtail eel  bathypelagic330 - 5100 
Perciformes Sciaenidae Cynoscion nannusnative Dwarf weakfish Corvina enana de altamar benthopelagic100 - 812 
Rajiformes Rajidae Dactylobatus armatusnative Skilletskate  bathydemersal300 - 900 
Perciformes Zoarcidae Derepodichthys alepidotusnative Cuskpout  bathydemersal1000 - 2904 
Anguilliformes Derichthyidae Derichthys serpentinusnative Narrownecked oceanic eel  bathypelagic 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus adenomusnative Gilbert's large lantern fish  bathypelagic180 - 600 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus garmaninative Garman's lanternfish Linternilla bathypelagic 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus pacificusnative Pacific headlightfish Linternilla bathypelagic 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus taaninginative Slopewater lanternfish  bathypelagic40 - 475 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus thetanative California headlightfish Linternilla bathypelagic10 - 3400 
Lophiiformes Ogcocephalidae Dibranchus nudivomernative   bathydemersal605 - 1400 
Lophiiformes Ogcocephalidae Dibranchus spinosusnative   bathydemersal366 - 2324 
Lophiiformes Ogcocephalidae Dibranchus spongiosanative   bathydemersal700 - 1244 
Perciformes Gempylidae Diplospinus multistriatusnative Striped escolar  benthopelagic50 - 1000 
Rajiformes Rajidae Dipturus garrickinative San Blas skate  bathydemersal275 - 476 
Rajiformes Rajidae Dipturus oregoninative Hooktail skate  bathydemersal369 - 468 
Lophiiformes Oneirodidae Dolopichthys longicornisnative   bathypelagic1375 - 2200 
Lophiiformes Oneirodidae Dolopichthys pullatusnative Lobed dreamer  bathypelagic800 - 2000 
Perciformes Chiasmodontidae Dysalotus oligoscolusnative   bathypelagic 
Pleuronectiformes Pleuronectidae Embassichthys bathybiusnative Deep-sea sole Platija de profundidad bathydemersal41 - 1800 
Perciformes Epigonidae Epigonus denticulatusnative Pencil cardinal  bathydemersal130 - 830 
Perciformes Epigonidae Epigonus macropsnative Luminous deepsea cardinalfish  bathydemersal550 - 1300 
Perciformes Epigonidae Epigonus pandionisnative Bigeye  bathydemersal200 - 600 
Perciformes Epigonidae Epigonus pectinifernative   bathydemersal100 - 1200 
Myxiniformes Myxinidae Eptatretus deaninative Black hagfish Mixinido negro bathydemersal103 - 2743 
Myxiniformes Myxinidae Eptatretus fritzinative Guadalupe hagfish  demersal18 - 2743 
Myxiniformes Myxinidae Eptatretus mcconnaugheyinative Shorthead hagfish  demersal43 - 415 
Myxiniformes Myxinidae Eptatretus sinusnative Cortez hagfish  bathydemersal198 - 1330 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Etelis oculatusnative Queen snapper  bathydemersal100 - 450 
Squaliformes Etmopteridae Etmopterus schultzinative Fringefin lanternshark  bathydemersal200 - 1000 
Lampriformes Lophotidae Eumecichthys fiskinative Unicorn crestfish Cornudita bathypelagic 
Saccopharyngiformes Eurypharyngidae Eurypharynx pelecanoidesnative Pelican eel  bathypelagic500 - 7625 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eustomias filifernative   bathypelagic 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eustomias fissibarbisnative   pelagic-oceanic 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eustomias longibarbanative   bathypelagic 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eustomias macrophthalmusnative   pelagic-oceanic 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eustomias macrurusnative Yellowstem dragonfish  bathypelagic 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eustomias monoclonusnative   bathypelagic 
Aulopiformes Evermannellidae Evermannella ahlstrominative   bathypelagic 
Anguilliformes Nettastomatidae Facciolella gilbertiinative Dogface witch-eel Anguila benthopelagic 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Flagellostomias boureeinative Longbarb dragonfish  bathypelagic 
Perciformes Callionymidae Foetorepus agassiziinative Spotfin dragonet  bathydemersal48 - 700 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Gadomus arcuatusnative Doublethread grenadier  bathypelagic610 - 1370 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Gadomus longifilisnative Treadfin grenadier  bathypelagic630 - 2165 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Galeus piperatusendemic Peppered catshark Gato pimienta bathydemersal275 - 1326 
Perciformes Gempylidae Gempylus serpensnative Snake mackerel Escolar pelagic-oceanic 
Lophiiformes Gigantactinidae Gigantactis herwiginative   bathypelagic 
Lophiiformes Gigantactinidae Gigantactis vanhoeffeninative   bathypelagic300 - 5300 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Gonichthys tenuiculusnative Slendertail lanternfish  bathypelagic 
Anguilliformes Muraenidae Gymnothorax eurygnathosnative   bathydemersal 
Myliobatiformes Gymnuridae Gymnura micruranative Smooth butterfly ray  demersal 
Notacanthiformes Halosauridae Halosaurus guentherinative   bathypelagic550 - 1600 
Notacanthiformes Halosauridae Halosaurus oveniinative   bathydemersal440 - 1700 
Lophiiformes Linophrynidae Haplophryne mollisnative Soft leafvent angler  bathypelagic 
Chimaeriformes Rhinochimaeridae Harriotta raleighananative Pacific longnose chimaera Quimera picuda bathydemersal200 - 2600 
Scorpaeniformes Sebastidae Helicolenus dactylopterusnative Blackbelly rosefish  bathydemersal50 - 1100 
Hexanchiformes Hexanchidae Heptranchias perlonative Sharpnose sevengill shark  bathydemersal 
Anguilliformes Congridae Heteroconger diguetinative Cortez garden eel Congrio descolorido bathydemersal230 - 275 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Heterophotus ophistomanative Wingfin snaggletooth  bathypelagic790 - 1420 
Hexanchiformes Hexanchidae Hexanchus nakamurainative Bigeyed sixgill shark  bathydemersal 
Lophiiformes Himantolophidae Himantolophus cornifernative   bathypelagic 
Lophiiformes Himantolophidae Himantolophus groenlandicusnative Atlantic footballfish  bathypelagic 
Lophiiformes Himantolophidae Himantolophus multifurcatusnative   bathypelagic200 - 365 
Anguilliformes Synaphobranchidae Histiobranchus bathybiusnative Deep-water arrowtooth eel  benthopelagic295 - 5440 
Tetraodontiformes Triacanthodidae Hollardia hollardinative Reticulate spikefish  bathydemersal230 - 915 
Osmeriformes Platytroctidae Holtbyrnia latifronsnative Streaklight tubeshoulder  bathypelagic225 - 1400 
Anguilliformes Nettastomatidae Hoplunnis tenuisnative Spotted pike-conger  bathydemersal130 - 420 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Hygophum atratumnative Thickhead lanternfish  bathypelagic600 - 3132 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Hymenocephalus billsamnative   bathypelagic400 - 900 
Perciformes Serranidae Hyporthodus mystacinusnative Misty grouper  bathydemersal30 - 400 
Stomiiformes Phosichthyidae Ichthyococcus irregularisnative Bulldog lightfish  bathypelagic2213 - 3658 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Idiacanthus fasciolanative Ribbon sawtail fish  bathypelagic 
Squaliformes Dalatiidae Isistius brasiliensisnative Cookie cutter shark  bathypelagic 
Perciformes Chiasmodontidae Kali indicanative   bathypelagic1000 - 3300 
Perciformes Chiasmodontidae Kali macruranative   bathypelagic 
Perciformes Uranoscopidae Kathetostoma averruncusnative Smooth stargazer Miracielo sapo bathydemersal13 - 384 
Gadiformes Moridae Laemonema verecundumnative Bighead mora Carbonera cabezona bathypelagic666 - 2600 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Lampanyctus acanthurusnative Spinytail lampfish  bathypelagic930 - 1537 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Lampanyctus alatusnative Winged lanternfish  bathypelagic40 - 1500 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Lampanyctus nobilisnative Noble lampfish  bathypelagic100 - 1000 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Lampanyctus parvicaudanative Slimtail lampfish  bathypelagic100 - 500 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Lampanyctus steinbeckinative Longfin lampfish  bathypelagic80 - 100 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Lampanyctus tenuiformisnative Slender lanternfish  bathypelagic 
Lampriformes Lampridae Lampris guttatusnative Opah Opa bathypelagic 
Perciformes Gempylidae Lepidocybium flavobrunneumnative Escolar Escolar benthopelagic200 - 1100 
Perciformes Trichiuridae Lepidopus fitchinative Pacific scabbardfish Pez cinto benthopelagic100 - 500 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Lepophidium marmoratumnative Marbled cusk-eel  bathydemersal155 - 525 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Lepophidium staurophornative Barred cusk-eel  bathydemersal180 - 485 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Leptoderma macropsnative Grenadier smooth-head  bathydemersal500 - 2000 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Leptostomias gladiatornative   bathypelagic 
Aulopiformes Paralepididae Lestidiops pacificusnative   bathypelagic50 - 2000 
Aulopiformes Paralepididae Lestidiops ringensnative Slender barracudina  bathypelagic 
Osmeriformes Bathylagidae Leuroglossus stilbiusnative California smoothtongue Lengua suave bathypelagic100 - 850 
Lophiiformes Linophrynidae Linophryne arboriferanative   bathypelagic200 - 1000 
Lophiiformes Linophrynidae Linophryne densiramusnative Thickbranch angler  bathypelagic150 - 1400 
Perciformes Serranidae Liopropoma longilepisnative Scalyfin basslet Scalyfin basslet reef-associated120 - 250 
Perciformes Grammatidae Lipogramma evidesnative Banded basslet  bathydemersal45 - 365 
Osmeriformes Bathylagidae Lipolagus ochotensisnative Eared blacksmelt  bathypelagic930 - 6100 
Lophiiformes Lophiidae Lophiodes caulinarisnative Spottedtail angler Bocón de cola manchada demersal15 - 311 
Lophiiformes Lophiidae Lophius gastrophysusnative Blackfin goosefish  bathydemersal40 - 700 
Lophiiformes Oneirodidae Lophodolos acanthognathusnative Whalehead dreamer  bathypelagic650 - 1500 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Loweina raranative Laura's lantern fish  bathypelagic1 - 1050 
Perciformes Zoarcidae Lycenchelys cicatrifernative   bathydemersal 
Perciformes Zoarcidae Lycenchelys crotalinusnative Snakehead eelpout  bathydemersal200 - 2816 
Perciformes Zoarcidae Lycenchelys follettinative   bathydemersal660 - 953 
Perciformes Zoarcidae Lycenchelys jordaninative Shortjaw eelpout  bathydemersal1686 - 2200 
Perciformes Zoarcidae Lycenchelys monstrosanative   bathydemersal2780 - 3229 
Perciformes Zoarcidae Lycenchelys pearcyinative   bathydemersal2663 - 3051 
Perciformes Zoarcidae Lycenchelys porifernative   bathydemersal1568 - 1656 
Perciformes Zoarcidae Lycodapus endemoscotusnative Deepwater slipskin  bathypelagic 
Perciformes Zoarcidae Lycodapus fierasfernative Blackmouth eelpout  bathypelagic50 - 2212 
Perciformes Zoarcidae Lycodes pacificusnative Blackbelly eelpout  bathydemersal9 - 399 
Pleuronectiformes Pleuronectidae Lyopsetta exilisnative Slender sole Platija delgada bathydemersal25 - 800 
Osmeriformes Opisthoproctidae Macropinna microstomanative Barreleye  bathypelagic16 - 1267 
Syngnathiformes Centriscidae Macroramphosus gracilisnative Slender snipefish Trompetero pelagic-oceanic50 - 500 
Aulopiformes Paralepididae Magnisudis atlanticanative Duckbill barracudina  pelagic-oceanic 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Malacocephalus laevisnative Softhead grenadier  bathydemersal200 - 1000 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Malacocephalus occidentalisnative Western softhead grenadier  bathydemersal140 - 1945 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Malacosteus nigernative Stoplight loosejaw  bathypelagic500 - 3886 
Stomiiformes Sternoptychidae Maurolicus muellerinative Silvery lightfish  bathypelagic271 - 1524 
Stephanoberyciformes Melamphaidae Melamphaes lugubrisnative Highsnout melamphid  bathypelagic50 - 3400 
Stephanoberyciformes Melamphaidae Melamphaes macrocephalusnative   bathypelagic62 - 500 
Stephanoberyciformes Melamphaidae Melamphaes parvusnative Little bigscale  bathypelagic 
Lophiiformes Melanocetidae Melanocetus eustalusnative   bathypelagic 
Perciformes Zoarcidae Melanostigma pammelasnative Midwater eelpout  bathypelagic 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Melanostomias melanopsnative   bathypelagic350 - 1024 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Melanostomias tentaculatusnative Tentacle dragonfish  bathypelagic30 - 950 
Osmeriformes Platytroctidae Mentodus eubranchusnative   bathypelagic 
Gadiformes Merlucciidae Merluccius albidusnative Offshore silver hake Merluza bathydemersal80 - 1170 
Gadiformes Merlucciidae Merluccius hernandezinative Cortez hake  bathydemersal 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Mesobius berryinative Berry's grenadier Granadero de Berry bathypelagic 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Myctophum asperumnative Prickly lanternfish  bathypelagic244 - 1948 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Myctophum aurolaternatumnative Golden lanternfish Linternilla bathypelagic 
Myxiniformes Myxinidae Myxine limosanative   demersal75 - 1006 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Nannobrachium idostigmanative   bathypelagic100 - 500 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Nannobrachium regalenative Pinpoint lampfish Linternilla bathypelagic772 - 3400 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Nannobrachium ritterinative Broadfin lampfish Linternilla bathypelagic20 - 1095 
Osmeriformes Microstomatidae Nansenia ahlstrominative   bathypelagic 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Narcetes stomiasnative Blackhead salmon  bathypelagic1500 - 2300 
Perciformes Gempylidae Nealotus tripesnative Black snake mackerel Escolar negro bathypelagic914 - 1646 
Anguilliformes Nemichthyidae Nemichthys larseninative Pale snipe eel  bathypelagic170 - 1280 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Neobythites marginatusnative Stripefin brotula  benthopelagic75 - 935 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Neobythites stelliferoidesnative Thread brotula  benthopelagic90 - 310 
Perciformes Gempylidae Neoepinnula americananative American sackfish  benthopelagic184 - 457 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Neonesthes capensisnative Cape snaggletooth  bathypelagic70 - 1650 
Perciformes Gempylidae Nesiarchus nasutusnative Black gemfish  benthopelagic200 - 1200 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Nezumia aequalisnative Common Atlantic grenadier  benthopelagic200 - 2320 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Nezumia atlanticanative Western Atlantic grenadier  bathydemersal366 - 1097 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Nezumia convergensnative Peruvian grenadier Granadero peruano bathydemersal600 - 1870 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Nezumia liolepisnative Smooth grenadier Granadero liso bathydemersal768 - 1660 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Nezumia longebarbatanative Bluntnose grenadier  bathypelagic1440 - 1710 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Nezumia stelgidolepisnative California grenadier Granadero californiano bathydemersal277 - 909 
Notacanthiformes Notacanthidae Notacanthus chemnitziinative Snubnosed spiny eel  benthopelagic125 - 3285 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Notolychnus valdiviaenative Topside lampfish  bathypelagic25 - 700 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Notoscopelus caudispinosusnative Lobisomem  bathypelagic 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Notoscopelus resplendensnative Patchwork lampfish Linternilla bathypelagic777 - 2121 
Lamniformes Odontaspididae Odontaspis feroxnative Smalltooth sand tiger Tiburón toro benthopelagic10 - 2000 
Lophiiformes Oneirodidae Oneirodes acanthiasnative Spiny dreamer  bathypelagic 
Lophiiformes Oneirodidae Oneirodes basilinative   bathypelagic700 - 1400 
Perciformes Zoarcidae Pachycara suspectumnative   bathydemersal915 - 1280 
Perciformes Gobiidae Palatogobius grandoculusnative   bathydemersal253 - 276 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis mexicanusnative   demersal42 - 900 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis nassarumnative   bathydemersal900 - 1280 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Paraliparis ulochirnative Broadfin snailfish  bathydemersal700 - 1900 
Perciformes Acropomatidae Parascombrops spinosusnative Keelcheek bass  bathydemersal87 - 544 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Parmaturus campechiensisendemic Campeche catshark  bathydemersal 
Scorpaeniformes Peristediidae Peristedion antillarumnative Longnose armoured searobin  bathydemersal329 - 649 
Scorpaeniformes Peristediidae Peristedion brevirostrenative Flathead searobin  bathydemersal55 - 550 
Scorpaeniformes Peristediidae Peristedion ecuadorensenative   bathydemersal 
Scorpaeniformes Peristediidae Peristedion gracilenative Slender searobin  bathydemersal30 - 475 
Scorpaeniformes Peristediidae Peristedion imberbenative   bathydemersal247 - 274 
Scorpaeniformes Peristediidae Peristedion longispathanative   bathydemersal 
Scorpaeniformes Peristediidae Peristedion miniatumnative Armored searobin  bathydemersal64 - 910 
Scorpaeniformes Peristediidae Peristedion thompsoninative Rimspine searobin  bathydemersal115 - 475 
Scorpaeniformes Peristediidae Peristedion truncatumnative Black armoured searobin  bathydemersal155 - 910 
Scorpaeniformes Peristediidae Peristedion unicuspisnative   bathydemersal 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Phenacoscorpius nebrisnative Short-tube scorpionfish  bathydemersal350 - 480 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Photonectes margaritanative   bathypelagic808 - 5087 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Photostomias guerneinative   bathypelagic1138 - 3100 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Photostylus pycnopterusnative Starry smooth-head  bathypelagic701 - 2868 
Lophiiformes Oneirodidae Phyllorhinichthys micractisnative   bathypelagic1000 - 3600 
Pleuronectiformes Pleuronectidae Poecilopsetta beaniinative Deepwater dab  bathydemersal155 - 1636 
Notacanthiformes Notacanthidae Polyacanthonotus africanusnative   bathypelagic700 - 3000 
Scorpaeniformes Scorpaenidae Pontinus furcirhinusnative  Lapón rojo bathydemersal 
Stephanoberyciformes Melamphaidae Poromitra oscitansnative Yawning  bathypelagic645 - 5320 
Perciformes Priacanthidae Priacanthus alalauanative Alalaua Catalufa alalaua demersal9 - 275 
Perciformes Serranidae Pronotogrammus eosnative Bigeye bass Serrano ojón bathydemersal155 - 325 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Protomyctophum thompsoninative Bigeye lanternfish  bathypelagic785 - 1500 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Psednos anoderkesnative   bathydemersal 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Psednos cathetostomusnative   bathydemersal309 - 2030 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Psednos griseusnative   bathydemersal 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Psednos mexicanusnative   bathydemersal 
Scorpaeniformes Liparidae Psednos pallidusnative   bathydemersal 
Anguilliformes Congridae Pseudophichthys splendensnative Purplemouthed conger  bathydemersal37 - 1647 
Rajiformes Rajidae Raja rhinanative Longnose skate Raya narigona bathydemersal9 - 1069 
Rajiformes Rajidae Raja velezinative Velez ray Raya de Velez demersal35 - 300 
Rajiformes Rajidae Rajella bigelowinative Bigelow's ray  bathydemersal650 - 4156 
Lampriformes Regalecidae Regalecus russeliinative Oarfifsh  bathypelagic 
Lophiiformes Gigantactinidae Rhynchactis macrothrixnative   bathypelagic300 - 2000 
Anguilliformes Congridae Rhynchoconger graciliornative Whiptail conger  bathydemersal 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Rinoctes nasutusnative Abyssal smooth-head  bathypelagic2000 - 4156 
Aulopiformes Scopelarchidae Rosenblattichthys volucrisnative Chubby pearleye  bathypelagic 
Saccopharyngiformes Saccopharyngidae Saccopharynx lavenberginative   bathypelagic2000 - 3000 
Osmeriformes Platytroctidae Sagamichthys abeinative Shining tubeshoulder  bathypelagic37 - 1500 
Aulopiformes Scopelarchidae Scopelarchoides nicholsinative   bathypelagic1 - 3294 
Aulopiformes Scopelarchidae Scopelarchus analisnative Short fin pearleye  bathypelagic 
Aulopiformes Scopelarchidae Scopelarchus guentherinative Staring pearleye  bathypelagic 
Myctophiformes Neoscopelidae Scopelengys tristisnative Pacific blackchin  bathypelagic400 - 1830 
Stephanoberyciformes Melamphaidae Scopelogadus bispinosusnative Twospine bigscale  bathypelagic200 - 4000 
Aulopiformes Notosudidae Scopelosaurus harryinative Scaly paperbone  bathypelagic 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Scyliorhinus boanative Boa catshark  bathydemersal329 - 676 
Scorpaeniformes Sebastidae Sebastes auroranative Aurora rockfish Rocote aurora bathydemersal124 - 769 
Scorpaeniformes Sebastidae Sebastes cortezinative Cortez rockfish Rocote de Cortés bathydemersal200 - 1100 
Scorpaeniformes Sebastidae Sebastes diploproanative Splitnose rockfish Rocote doble hocico bathydemersal 
Scorpaeniformes Sebastidae Sebastes levisnative Cowcod Rocote vaquilla bathydemersal20 - 500 
Scorpaeniformes Sebastidae Sebastes melanostomusnative Blackgill rockfish Rocote agalla negra bathydemersal124 - 769 
Scorpaeniformes Sebastidae Sebastes sinensisendemic Blackmouth rockfish Rocote de boca negra bathypelagic290 - 670 
Scorpaeniformes Sebastidae Sebastolobus altivelisnative Longspine thornyhead Rocote espinoso bathydemersal201 - 1757 
Anguilliformes Serrivomeridae Serrivomer beaniinative Stout sawpalate  bathypelagic 
Anguilliformes Serrivomeridae Serrivomer sectornative Sawtooth eel  bathypelagic 
Scorpaeniformes Setarchidae Setarches guentherinative Channeled rockfish  benthopelagic150 - 780 
Stomiiformes Gonostomatidae Sigmops ebelinginative Ebeling's fangjaw  bathypelagic 
Stomiiformes Gonostomatidae Sigmops elongatusnative Elongated bristlemouth fish  bathypelagic25 - 4740 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Sphagemacrurus grenadaenative Pugnose grenadier  bathypelagic1000 - 1500 
Gadiformes Merlucciidae Steindachneria argenteanative Luminous hake  bathydemersal400 - 500 
Aulopiformes Paralepididae Stemonosudis macruranative   bathypelagic18 - 330 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Stenobrachius leucopsarusnative Northern lampfish Linternilla bathypelagic31 - 3400 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Stomias affinisnative G√ľnther's boafish  bathypelagic 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Stomias atriventernative Black-belly dragonfish  bathypelagic100 - 1500 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Stomias longibarbatusnative Longbarb scaly dragonfish  bathypelagic400 - 1463 
Aulopiformes Paralepididae Sudis atroxnative Fierce pike smelt  bathypelagic30 - 2250 
Pleuronectiformes Cynoglossidae Symphurus oligomerusnative Spotfin tonguefish Lengua de tripa negra bathydemersal80 - 300 
Pleuronectiformes Cynoglossidae Symphurus pigernative Deepwater tonguefish  bathydemersal75 - 549 
Pleuronectiformes Cynoglossidae Symphurus stigmosusnative Blotchfin tonguefish  bathydemersal192 - 373 
Perciformes Symphysanodontidae Symphysanodon berryinative Slope bass  bathydemersal101 - 476 
Perciformes Symphysanodontidae Symphysanodon octoactinusnative Insular bunquelovely  bathydemersal155 - 640 
Perciformes Acropomatidae Synagrops bellusnative Blackmouth bass  bathydemersal60 - 910 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Taaningichthys minimusnative Waistcoat lanternfish  bathypelagic90 - 800 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Tactostoma macropusnative Longfin dragonfish  bathypelagic30 - 2000 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Talismania bifurcatanative Threadfin slickhead  bathydemersal300 - 2000 
Perciformes Zoarcidae Taranetzella lyodermanative Looseskin eelpout  bathydemersal500 - 3000 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Tarletonbeania crenularisnative Blue lanternfish Linternilla bathypelagic 
Perciformes Tetragonuridae Tetragonurus cuvierinative Smalleye squaretail  bathypelagic1 - 800 
Lophiiformes Thaumatichthyidae Thaumatichthys axelinative   bathydemersal 
Lophiiformes Thaumatichthyidae Thaumatichthys binghaminative   bathydemersal1100 - 3200 
Perciformes Zoarcidae Thermarces cerberusnative   bathydemersal 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Trachonurus sulcatusnative Bristly grenadier  bathypelagic700 - 1500 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Trachonurus villosusnative Furry whiptail  bathypelagic514 - 1590 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Triphoturus oculeumnative   bathypelagic770 - 3243 
Gadiformes Phycidae Urophycis cirratanative Gulf hake  bathydemersal27 - 684 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Ventrifossa macropogonnative Longbeard grenadier  bathydemersal439 - 1000 
Stomiiformes Phosichthyidae Vinciguerria lucetianative Panama lightfish  bathypelagic100 - 500 
Stomiiformes Phosichthyidae Vinciguerria poweriaenative Power's deep-water bristle-mouth fish  bathypelagic50 - 1500 
Scorpaeniformes Agonidae Xeneretmus latifronsnative Blacktip poacher  bathydemersal18 - 400 
Scorpaeniformes Agonidae Xeneretmus ritterinative Stripefin poacher  bathydemersal183 - 366 
Scorpaeniformes Agonidae Xeneretmus triacanthusnative Bluespotted poacher  bathydemersal73 - 373 
Anguilliformes Congridae Xenomystax atrariusnative Deepwater conger Congrio de altura bathydemersal152 - 1050 
Scorpaeniformes Cottidae Zesticelus profundorumnative Flabby sculpin  bathydemersal88 - 2580 
Lampriformes Trachipteridae Zu cristatusnative Scalloped ribbonfish Cinta bathypelagic 
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