List of Deep-water Fishes reported from Bahamas
n = 188
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Table 1: 188 species currently present in the country/island (endemic, native, introduced, reintroduced);
Table 2: 0 species possibly present in the country/island (stray, questionable);
Table 3: 0 species demonstrated to be absent in the country/island (extirpated, not established, misidentification, error).
Table 4: 188 species reported from the country/island altogether.
Table 1: 188 species currently present in the country/island.
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Order Family Species Occurrence FishBase name Name Habitat Depth (m)
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Abyssobrotula galatheaenative   bathypelagic3110 - 8370 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Acanthonus armatusnative Bony-eared assfish  bathypelagic1171 - 4415 
Anguilliformes Congridae Acromycter perturbatornative   bathydemersal 
Notacanthiformes Halosauridae Aldrovandia affinisnative Gilbert's halosaurid fish  benthopelagic730 - 2560 
Notacanthiformes Halosauridae Aldrovandia gracilisnative   bathypelagic460 - 2560 
Notacanthiformes Halosauridae Aldrovandia oleosanative   bathypelagic1200 - 1900 
Notacanthiformes Halosauridae Aldrovandia phalacranative Hawaiian halosaurid fish  benthopelagic500 - 2300 
Notacanthiformes Halosauridae Aldrovandia rostratanative   bathypelagic2690 - 5029 
Pleuronectiformes Paralichthyidae Ancylopsetta antillarumnative   bathydemersal412 - 458 
Beryciformes Anoplogastridae Anoplogaster brachyceranative Shorthorn fangtooth  bathypelagic 
Beryciformes Anoplogastridae Anoplogaster cornutanative Common fangtooth  bathypelagic2 - 4992 
Gadiformes Moridae Antimora rostratanative Blue antimora  bathypelagic350 - 3000 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Apagesoma delosommatusnative   bathypelagic2487 - 4150 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Apagesoma edentatumnative   benthopelagic 
Ophidiiformes Aphyonidae Aphyonus brevidorsalisnative   bathypelagic 
Osmeriformes Argentinidae Argentina georgeinative Blackbelly Argentine  bathydemersal220 - 457 
Stomiiformes Sternoptychidae Argyripnus atlanticusnative   benthopelagic200 - 500 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Astronesthes macropogonnative   bathypelagic 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Astronesthes micropogonnative   bathypelagic120 - 600 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Astronesthes richardsoninative Richardson's snaggletooth  bathypelagic275 - 1000 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Astronesthes similusnative   bathypelagic 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Barathrites parrinative   bathypelagic1270 - 3000 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Barathrodemus manatinusnative   benthopelagic1060 - 1318 
Ophidiiformes Aphyonidae Barathronus bicolornative   bathypelagic549 - 1561 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Bassogigas gilliinative   bathydemersal637 - 2239 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Bassozetus normalisnative   bathydemersal1760 - 5062 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Bassozetus taenianative   bathydemersal4375 - 5600 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Bathophilus digitatusnative   bathypelagic75 - 550 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Bathophilus nigerrimusnative Scaleless dragonfish  bathypelagic 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Bathophilus pawneeinative Pawnee dragonfish  bathypelagic100 - 3000 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Bathophilus schizochirusnative   pelagic-oceanic 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Bathophilus vaillantinative   bathypelagic 
Anguilliformes Congridae Bathycongrus polyporusnative   bathydemersal439 - 549 
Anguilliformes Congridae Bathycongrus vicinalisnative Neighbor conger  bathydemersal101 - 503 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Bathygadus melanobranchusnative Vaillant's grenadier  bathydemersal400 - 2600 
Osmeriformes Opisthoproctidae Bathylychnops brachyrhynchusnative   bathypelagic 
Aulopiformes Ipnopidae Bathymicrops regisnative   bathydemersal3300 - 5782 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Bathyonus laticepsnative   bathydemersal1280 - 4775 
Aulopiformes Ipnopidae Bathypterois grallatornative Tripodfish  bathydemersal878 - 4720 
Aulopiformes Ipnopidae Bathypterois longipesnative Abyssal spiderfish  bathydemersal2615 - 5610 
Aulopiformes Ipnopidae Bathypterois phenaxnative Blackfin spiderfish  bathydemersal800 - 2657 
Aulopiformes Ipnopidae Bathypterois quadrifilisnative   bathydemersal402 - 1408 
Aulopiformes Ipnopidae Bathypterois viridensisnative   bathydemersal476 - 1477 
Aulopiformes Bathysauridae Bathysaurus mollisnative Highfin lizardfish  bathydemersal1550 - 4903 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Bathytroctes macrolepisnative Koefoed's smooth-head  bathypelagic2500 - 5850 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Bathytroctes microlepisnative Smallscale smooth-head  bathypelagic 
Aulopiformes Ipnopidae Bathytyphlops marionaenative Marion's spiderfish  bathydemersal 
Aulopiformes Ipnopidae Bathytyphlops sewellinative   bathydemersal2980 - 4200 
Perciformes Percophidae Bembrops raneyinative Bahama duckbill  bathydemersal284 - 759 
Torpediniformes Narcinidae Benthobatis marcidanative Blind torpedo  bathydemersal200 - 923 
Perciformes Trichiuridae Benthodesmus tenuisnative Slender frostfish  benthopelagic200 - 850 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Benthosema suborbitalenative Smallfin lanternfish  bathypelagic50 - 2500 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Bolinichthys photothoraxnative Spurcheek lanternfish  bathypelagic40 - 750 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Bolinichthys supralateralisnative Stubby lanternfish  bathypelagic40 - 850 
Rajiformes Rajidae Breviraja colesinative Lightnose skate  bathydemersal366 - 522 
Perciformes Epigonidae Brinkmannella elongatanative   bathydemersal 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Brotulotaenia crassanative Violet cuskeel  bathypelagic249 - 1100 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Brotulotaenia nigranative Dark cusk  bathypelagic1000 - 1100 
Perciformes Malacanthidae Caulolatilus dooleyinative Bankslope tilefish Bankslope tilefish bathydemersal219 - 256 
Cetomimiformes Cetomimidae Cetomimus kerdopsnative   bathypelagic 
Lophiiformes Chaunacidae Chaunax pictusnative Pink frogmouth  bathydemersal200 - 978 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Chirostomias pliopterusnative   bathypelagic 
Pleuronectiformes Paralichthyidae Citharichthys cornutusnative Horned whiff  bathydemersal30 - 400 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus occanative Swordsnout grenadier  bathydemersal400 - 2220 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coelorinchus ventriluxnative Firebelly grenadier  bathydemersal300 - 500 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Conocara fiolentinative Fiolenti's smooth-head  bathypelagic1370 - 1600 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Conocara macropterumnative Longfin smooth-head  bathypelagic800 - 2200 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coryphaenoides armatusnative Abyssal grenadier  bathypelagic282 - 5180 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coryphaenoides carapinusnative Carapine grenadier  bathydemersal384 - 5610 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coryphaenoides leptolepisnative Ghostly grenadier  bathydemersal610 - 4000 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Coryphaenoides rupestrisnative Roundnose grenadier  bathypelagic180 - 2600 
Rajiformes Rajidae Cruriraja poeyinative Cuban leg skate  bathydemersal385 - 870 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Diaphus adenomusnative Gilbert's large lantern fish  bathypelagic180 - 600 
Lophiiformes Diceratiidae Diceratias pileatusnative   bathypelagic640 - 1430 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Dicrolene intronigernative Digitate cusk eel  bathydemersal700 - 1785 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Dicrolene kanazawainative   bathydemersal1334 - 2342 
Perciformes Gempylidae Diplospinus multistriatusnative Striped escolar  benthopelagic50 - 1000 
Lophiiformes Oneirodidae Dolopichthys longicornisnative   bathypelagic1375 - 2200 
Myxiniformes Myxinidae Eptatretus springerinative Gulf hagfish  bathydemersal400 - 730 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Etelis oculatusnative Queen snapper Bream bathydemersal100 - 450 
Squaliformes Etmopteridae Etmopterus robinsinative   bathydemersal400 - 800 
Perciformes Bramidae Eumegistus brevortinative Tropical pomfret  bathypelagic384 - 1317 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eustomias bibulbosusnative   bathypelagic 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eustomias longibarbanative   bathypelagic 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eustomias macrophthalmusnative   pelagic-oceanic 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eustomias micrasternative   bathypelagic 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eustomias micropterygiusnative   bathypelagic 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eustomias obscurusnative   bathypelagic20 - 1900 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Eustomias paucifilisnative   pelagic-oceanic 
Perciformes Trichiuridae Evoxymetopon taeniatusnative Channel scabbardfish  benthopelagic 
Rajiformes Rajidae Fenestraja atripinnanative Blackfin pygmy skate  bathydemersal 
Rajiformes Rajidae Fenestraja cubensisnative Cuban pygmy skate  bathydemersal 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Flagellostomias boureeinative Longbarb dragonfish  bathypelagic 
Perciformes Gempylidae Gempylus serpensnative Snake mackerel  pelagic-oceanic 
Stephanoberyciformes Gibberichthyidae Gibberichthys pumilusnative Gibberfish  bathypelagic320 - 1100 
Zeiformes Grammicolepididae Grammicolepis brachiusculusnative Thorny tinselfish  bathypelagic300 - 1026 
Notacanthiformes Halosauridae Halosauropsis macrochirnative Abyssal halosaur  bathydemersal1100 - 3300 
Notacanthiformes Halosauridae Halosaurus guentherinative   bathypelagic550 - 1600 
Anguilliformes Synaphobranchidae Haptenchelys texisnative   bathydemersal2121 - 4086 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Heterophotus ophistomanative Wingfin snaggletooth  bathypelagic790 - 1420 
Hexanchiformes Hexanchidae Hexanchus nakamurainative Bigeyed sixgill shark  bathydemersal 
Anguilliformes Synaphobranchidae Histiobranchus bathybiusnative Deep-water arrowtooth eel  benthopelagic295 - 5440 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Holcomycteronus squamosusnative   bathydemersal1147 - 5055 
Beryciformes Trachichthyidae Hoplostethus occidentalisnative Atlantic Roughy  bathypelagic485 - 550 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Hymenogadus gracilisnative Slender membranehead  bathypelagic300 - 618 
Perciformes Serranidae Hyporthodus mystacinusnative Misty grouper Misty grouper bathydemersal30 - 400 
Anguilliformes Synaphobranchidae Ilyophis brunneusnative Muddy arrowtooth eel  bathypelagic450 - 3120 
Aulopiformes Ipnopidae Ipnops murrayinative   bathydemersal1789 - 3477 
Squaliformes Dalatiidae Isistius brasiliensisnative Cookie cutter shark  bathypelagic 
Perciformes Uranoscopidae Kathetostoma cubananative Spiny stargazer  bathydemersal200 - 600 
Myctophiformes Myctophidae Lampanyctus photonotusnative   bathypelagic40 - 1100 
Lampriformes Lampridae Lampris guttatusnative Opah  bathypelagic 
Perciformes Gempylidae Lepidocybium flavobrunneumnative Escolar  benthopelagic200 - 1100 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Lepophidium kallionnative Palenose cusk-eel  bathydemersal366 - 1097 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Lepophidium marmoratumnative Marbled cusk-eel  bathydemersal155 - 525 
Notacanthiformes Notacanthidae Leptocephalus giganteusnative Giant leptocephalus  bathydemersal 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Leptostomias gladiatornative   bathypelagic 
Aulopiformes Paralepididae Lestidiops affinisnative Barracudina  bathypelagic 
Anguilliformes Synaphobranchidae Linkenchelys multiporanative   bathydemersal 
Lophiiformes Linophrynidae Linophryne coronatanative   bathypelagic 
Perciformes Serranidae Liopropoma mowbrayinative Cave bass Ridgeback basslet reef-associated30 - 60 
Perciformes Grammatidae Lipogramma evidesnative Banded basslet  bathydemersal45 - 365 
Perciformes Grammatidae Lipogramma flavescensnative Yellow basslet  bathydemersal180 - 290 
Perciformes Grammatidae Lipogramma robinsinative Yellowbar basslet Yellowbar basslet bathydemersal180 - 290 
Syngnathiformes Centriscidae Macroramphosus gracilisnative Slender snipefish  pelagic-oceanic50 - 500 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Malacocephalus occidentalisnative Western softhead grenadier  bathydemersal140 - 1945 
Stomiiformes Gonostomatidae Manducus maderensisnative   bathypelagic 
Stephanoberyciformes Melamphaidae Melamphaes longivelisnative Eyebrow bigscale  bathypelagic 
Stephanoberyciformes Melamphaidae Melamphaes pumilusnative   bathypelagic50 - 400 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Melanostomias biseriatusnative   bathypelagic620 - 760 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Melanostomias melanopogonnative   bathypelagic 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Monomitopus agassiziinative   benthopelagic48 - 1125 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Monomitopus magnusnative   bathydemersal730 - 930 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Narcetes stomiasnative Blackhead salmon  bathypelagic1500 - 2300 
Perciformes Gempylidae Nealotus tripesnative Black snake mackerel  bathypelagic914 - 1646 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Neobythites marginatusnative Stripefin brotula  benthopelagic75 - 935 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Neobythites multidigitatusnative   benthopelagic 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Neobythites ocellatusnative   benthopelagic45 - 640 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Neonesthes capensisnative Cape snaggletooth  bathypelagic70 - 1650 
Myctophiformes Neoscopelidae Neoscopelus microchirnative Shortfin neoscopelid  bathypelagic250 - 700 
Perciformes Gempylidae Nesiarchus nasutusnative Black gemfish  benthopelagic200 - 1200 
Anguilliformes Nettastomatidae Nettastoma syntresisnative   bathydemersal 
Anguilliformes Nettastomatidae Nettenchelys exorianative   bathydemersal277 - 494 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Nezumia aequalisnative Common Atlantic grenadier  benthopelagic200 - 2320 
Notacanthiformes Notacanthidae Notacanthus chemnitziinative Snubnosed spiny eel  benthopelagic125 - 3285 
Ophidiiformes Aphyonidae Nybelinella erikssoninative   bathydemersal4640 - 5440 
Lophiiformes Oneirodidae Oneirodes macrosteusnative   bathypelagic 
Perciformes Opistognathidae Opistognathus leprocarusnative Roughcheek jawfish Roughcheek jawfish bathydemersal165 - 308 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Penopus microphthalmusnative   bathydemersal960 - 3535 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Photonectes brauerinative Brauer's dragonfish  bathypelagic 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Photonectes leucospilusnative   bathypelagic 
Stomiiformes Stomiidae Photonectes parvimanusnative Fleshyfin dragonfish  bathypelagic 
Lophiiformes Oneirodidae Phyllorhinichthys balushkininative   bathypelagic 
Notacanthiformes Notacanthidae Polyacanthonotus merrettinative   bathydemersal 
Polymixiiformes Polymixiidae Polymixia nobilisnative Stout beardfish  bathydemersal100 - 770 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Porogadus catenanative   bathydemersal1180 - 3500 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Porogadus milesnative Slender cuskeel  bathydemersal1000 - 5055 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Porogadus silusnative   bathydemersal1500 - 3510 
Pristiophoriformes Pristiophoridae Pristiophorus schroederinative Bahamas sawshark  bathydemersal400 - 1000 
Perciformes Lutjanidae Pristipomoides macrophthalmusnative Cardinal snapper  benthopelagic110 - 550 
Perciformes Chiasmodontidae Pseudoscopelus altipinnisnative   bathypelagic30 - 2390 
Perciformes Chiasmodontidae Pseudoscopelus scriptusnative   bathypelagic250 - 1370 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Pycnocraspedum phyllosomanative   pelagic-oceanic 
Rajiformes Rajidae Raja bahamensisnative Bahama skate  bathydemersal388 - 412 
Rajiformes Rajidae Rajella purpuriventralisnative Purplebelly skate  bathydemersal 
Osmeriformes Alepocephalidae Rinoctes nasutusnative Abyssal smooth-head  bathypelagic2000 - 4156 
Perciformes Scombropidae Scombrops oculatusnative Atlantic scombrops  bathydemersal200 - 610 
Stephanoberyciformes Melamphaidae Scopeloberyx opisthopterusnative   bathypelagic500 - 3000 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Scyliorhinus meadinative Blotched catshark  bathydemersal300 - 600 
Carcharhiniformes Scyliorhinidae Scyliorhinus torreinative Dwarf catshark  bathydemersal200 - 600 
Anguilliformes Serrivomeridae Serrivomer lanceolatoidesnative Short-tooth sawpalate  bathypelagic150 - 1000 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Sphagemacrurus grenadaenative Pugnose grenadier  bathypelagic1000 - 1500 
Stephanoberyciformes Stephanoberycidae Stephanoberyx monaenative   bathydemersal945 - 4777 
Pleuronectiformes Cynoglossidae Symphurus marginatusnative Margined tonguefish  bathydemersal37 - 750 
Pleuronectiformes Cynoglossidae Symphurus pigernative Deepwater tonguefish  bathydemersal75 - 549 
Pleuronectiformes Cynoglossidae Symphurus stigmosusnative Blotchfin tonguefish  bathydemersal192 - 373 
Perciformes Symphysanodontidae Symphysanodon berryinative Slope bass  bathydemersal101 - 476 
Perciformes Symphysanodontidae Symphysanodon octoactinusnative Insular bunquelovely  bathydemersal155 - 640 
Anguilliformes Synaphobranchidae Synaphobranchus affinisnative Grey cutthroat  benthopelagic290 - 2400 
Anguilliformes Synaphobranchidae Synaphobranchus brevidorsalisnative Shortdorsal cutthroat eel  benthopelagic900 - 3000 
Anguilliformes Synaphobranchidae Synaphobranchus kaupiinative Kaup's arrowtooth eel  bathydemersal120 - 4800 
Anguilliformes Synaphobranchidae Synaphobranchus oregoninative   bathydemersal512 - 1900 
Lophiiformes Thaumatichthyidae Thaumatichthys binghaminative   bathydemersal1100 - 3200 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Ventrifossa macropogonnative Longbeard grenadier  bathydemersal439 - 1000 
Gadiformes Macrouridae Ventrifossa mucocephalusnative Slimehead grenadier  bathydemersal450 - 732 
Anguilliformes Congridae Xenomystax congroidesnative Bristletooth conger  bathydemersal140 - 825 
Ophidiiformes Ophidiidae Xyelacyba myersinative Gargoyle cusk  bathydemersal984 - 2500 
Zeiformes Zeniontidae Zenion longipinnisnative   bathydemersal200 - 450 
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