Biblio Records for Cheilinus abudjubbe
n = 19
Ref. Description Named Used Page
205 Breder, C.M. and D.E. Rosen 1966  Modes of reproduction in fishes. Cheilinus abudjubbe 662-663
4517 Hureau, J.-C. 1991  La base de données GICIM : Gestion informatisée des collections ichthyologiques du Muséum. Cheilinus abudjubbe
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12541 Goren, M. and M. Dor 1994  An updated checklist of the fishes of the Red Sea (CLOFRES II). Cheilinus abudjubbe 53
12818 Anonymous 1997  Fish registrations within the museum database of the Vertebrate Section of the Royal Museum for Central Africa. Cheilinus abudjubbe
28618 Randall, J.E. 1997  Randall's tank photos. Cheilinus abudjubbe
28620 Randall, J.E. 1997  Randall's underwater photos. Cheilinus abudjubbe
31517 Wu, H.L., K.-T. Shao and C.F. Lai (eds.) 1999  Latin-Chinese dictionary of fishes names. Cheilinus abudjubbe
31667 Anonymous 1998  Fish collection database of the Bernice P. Bishop Museum (BPBM). Cheilinus abudjubbe
35918 Parenti, P. and J.E. Randall 2000  An annotated checklist of the species of the labroid fish families Labridae and Scaridae. Cheilinus abudjubbe 8
36670 Anonymous 2000  Fish collection database of the J.L.B. Smith Institute of Ichthyology, Grahamstown, South Africa. Cheilinus abudjubbe
41414 Anonymous 2002  Fish collection database of the American Museum of Natural History. Cheilinus abudjubbe
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58108 Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences 2003  Chinese aquatic germplasm resources database. Cheilinus abudjubbe
84159 Golani, D. and S. V. Bogorodsky 2010  The fishes of the Red Sea - reappraisal and updated checklist. Cheilinus abudjubbe 39
87405 Hanel, R., M.W. Westneat and C. Sturmbauer 2002  Phylogenetic relationships, evolution of broodcare behavior, and geographic speciation in the wrasse Tribe Labrini. Cheilinus abudjubbe 776
87788 Moldzio, S. 2011  Checklist of species from Marsa Shagra, Egypt. Cheilinus abudjubbe
100374 Roberts, M.B., G.P. Jones, M.I. McCormick, P.L. Munday, S. Neale, S. Thorold, V.S.N. Robitzch and M.L. Berumen 2050  Homogeneity of coral reef communities across 8 degrees of latitude in the Saudi Arabian Red Sea. Cheilinus abudjubbe
105472 Pihu, E. 1979  Loomade elu 4. köide. Kalad Cheilinus abudjubbe
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