Biblio Records for Choerodon cauteroma
n = 17
Ref. Description Named Used Page
205 Breder, C.M. and D.E. Rosen 1966  Modes of reproduction in fishes. Choerodon cauteroma 662-663
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36661 Allen, G.R. 1997  The marine fishes of tropical Australia and south-east Asia. Choerodon cauteroma 186
38732 Anonymous 2001  Fish collection database of the National Museum of Natural History (Smithsonian Institution). Choerodon cauteroma
41414 Anonymous 2002  Fish collection database of the American Museum of Natural History. Choerodon cauteroma
47438 Anonymous 2003  Fish collection of the Royal Ontario Museum. Choerodon cauteroma
47997 Travers, M.J. and I.C. Potter 2002  Factors influencing the characteristics of fish assemblages in a large subtropical marine embayment. Choerodon cauteroma 769
50831 Seafood Services Australia 2004  Australian fish names list. Choerodon cauteroma 30
58108 Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences 2003  Chinese aquatic germplasm resources database. Choerodon cauteroma
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87405 Hanel, R., M.W. Westneat and C. Sturmbauer 2002  Phylogenetic relationships, evolution of broodcare behavior, and geographic speciation in the wrasse Tribe Labrini. Choerodon cauteroma 776
105471 eElurikkus 2015  eElurikkus koondab ├╝hte portaali Eesti eluslooduse andmed. Choerodon cauteroma
105574 Termeki on Eesti Keele Instituudi 2015  Termeki on Eesti Keele Instituudi Choerodon cauteroma
115074 Anderson, E.S. 2016  The response of a predatory fish, Ophiodon elongatus, to a marine protected area: variation in diet, catch rates, and size composition. Choerodon cauteroma
115274 Clough, J.M. 2009  Demersal fish assemblages of South Passage and Blind Strait, Western Australia: a unique subtropical embayment in a World Heritage Property - RAW DATA in excel file.. Choerodon cauteroma
115321 Heithaus, M.R. 2004  Fish communities of subtropical seagrass meadows and associated habitats in Shark Bay, Western Australia. Choerodon cauteroma 84; tab.2
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